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Photos Still King on Facebook, Make Up 93% of the Most Engaging Posts

If you’re a brand hoping to get the maximum amount of follower engagement from your Facebook posts, it’s best to think visually. That’s because in terms of user engagement, photos are king. And it’s not even close. The latest numbers comes from social media analytics company Socialbakers, who conducted a study of their brand clients. what they found was that …

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Twitter’s New Interactive Map Shows Where Political Tweets Mattered the Most

Back in August, Twitter launched their own Political Index (TPI) to track Twitter users’ general feelings about the Presidential candidates. The index is calculated using an algorithm that weighs the sentiment of tweets mentioning Obama or Romney as compared to hundreds of millions of tweets on various other topics. Whatever number pops out is a percentile score, showing that tweets …

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What’s Good for Users is Good for Advertisers/Content Providers

A new YouTube channel shows not only how the site itself can better compete in the online video industry, but also serves as an example of how other businesses can layout engaging video blogs.

Google is producing more original content for YouTube following the success of the hit "Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Comedy", which was exclusive to the video site. They started running a channel/show called Poptub last month, but it has not received much attention until now.

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