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Google Launches Security Key For USB-Based Security

Google announced a new way to enhance its 2-step verification security called Security Key, which works through a USB device. Security Key, Google says, is for “particularly security-sensitive” individuals. Don’t worry. If you’re just a common user, and want to use 2-step verification, you don’t have to carry the extra hardware around with you all the time. Google explains in …

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SanDisk Makes Mobile Data Management More Convenient

Generally speaking, nobody is ever going to say it’s hard to move content between a smartphone and a PC. Every mobile device comes with a USB cable that can be plugged into your PC for easy transfer. While it may be easy, it can sometimes be inconvenient thanks to the USB cable being plugged into a wall outlet halfway across …

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USB 3.0 Adoption Still Slow Going in 2013

For years now, computers and motherboards have been shipping with USB 3.0 ports. Though the capabilities are built out, the total market for USB 3.0 products remains slow. Market research firm TrendForce today revealed new USB 3.0 data, specifically highlighting the failure of the USB 3.0 flash drive market to take off. The firm estimates that market penetration for USB …

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CES 2012: USB 3.0 Coming to Tablets And Smartphones This Year

The USB 3.0 standard has been around for several years now, but most smartphone and tablet devices have remained stuck with the older, slower USB 2.0. According to Rahman Ismail, chief technology officer for the USB Implementers Forum, that is about to change. Speaking at CES, Ismail said that MicroUSB technology would be available and coming to the smartphone/tablet market …

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