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SanDisk Makes Mobile Data Management More Convenient SanDisk Makes Mobile Data Management More Convenient

Generally speaking, nobody is ever going to say it’s hard to move content between a smartphone and a PC. Every mobile device comes with a USB cable that can be plugged into your PC for easy transfer. While it may …

USB 3.0 Adoption Still Slow Going in 2013 USB 3.0 Adoption Still Slow Going in 2013

For years now, computers and motherboards have been shipping with USB 3.0 ports. Though the capabilities are built out, the total market for USB 3.0 products remains slow. Market research firm TrendForce today revealed new USB 3.0 data, specifically highlighting …

CES 2012: USB 3.0 Coming to Tablets And Smartphones This Year CES 2012: USB 3.0 Coming to Tablets And Smartphones This Year

The USB 3.0 standard has been around for several years now, but most smartphone and tablet devices have remained stuck with the older, slower USB 2.0. According to Rahman Ismail, chief technology officer for the USB Implementers Forum, that is …

Logitech Is A Good Choice

I bought a new microphone/headset combo at the weekend – a Logitech USB Headset 250. A good price at PC World with added bonuses: it’s Skype certified, and comes with 60 free SkypeOut minutes plus a month’s free voicemail. Nice additions to my existing Skype account.

Take Your Drive With You With A USB Drive

Universal Serial Buses are a category of hardware that allows the easy addition or connection of extra serial devices into your personal computer.

Certified Wireless USB – Mainstream by Year’s End

Despite a brash of delays that have plagued the progress of wireless USB, the 480 megabits per second technology should find its way into the mainstream by the end of the year.

Lotus Notes Sticks With USB
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Blogging and RSS received attention too, as IBM announced the 7.0.2 release of Lotus Notes and Domino, which provided some new feature releases for end users and administrators of the productivity suite.

How I Work

Fortune has a really cool series called “How I Work.” They interviewed an array of business leaders and celebrities about the tools and techniques they use to manage their day.

Lexar USB Drives to Add Google Products

Lexar Media and Google have reached a deal which will see Google’s search tools pre-installed on Lexar’s USB JumpDrives.

Make Way For E-Driving

File this one under coolness. Mazda has unveiled a new concept car that further moves the push to orphan the soon-to-be old-fashioned use of keys-by replacing keys with USB flash drives.

RedHat and USB devices

I started to use RedHat 7.3. Although it has come a long way and I really like how all the Linux Distributions are turning out, RedHat 7.3 makes me mad for only a few reasons: