Facebook Acquires wwwFacebook.com Domain Name

Facebook Acquires wwwFacebook.com Domain Name

By Shawn Hess June 11, 2012 | 33 Comments

Apparently it’s pretty common for folks to mistype web addresses and leave out the dot before the name of the site. The result is, you end up somewhere other than where you’ve intended to be. It really isn’t that big …

Twitter And FriendFeed Turning Into A Chat Room?

You’ve seen Twitter’s election feature that showed a select kind of tweet in real time. A few minutes ago FriendFeed released a real-time-web feature that lets you watch FriendFeed in real time. This is fun to watch!

Microsoft Prepped To Launch Social Bookmarking

According to Microsoft’s John Martin, Microsoft has launched a preview of its Social Bookmarking Service. This service is available for both MSDN and TechNet.

This new service will not be fully operational in the ‘preview’ version and will only be available in English. However, it will enable the users to:

Yahoo Makes Minor Changes To Advertisement Layout

According to Search Engine Roundtable Yahoo! has incorporated some minor changes in the advertisement layout of its SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) and has also reduced the number of advertisements shown in the SERPs. They have now relocated the position of the display URL under the description. The advertisement layout now also contains only three advertisements, instead of four as in the previous layout.

Google To Topple Baidu With Short Domain Name?

Someone who’s too weak, lazy, or pressed for time to type eight letters and a period is in serious trouble.  But anyone who would rather type eight than three is just silly, and so Google China has unveiled a new domain name: G.cn.

With “Google” In Your URL, No AdSense For You!
"AdSense Disallowed On URLs Containing ‘Google’". This was said by Google itself. A Google Blogoscoped account shows an AdSense ban of a portion of an active site.

Google’s URL Spellchecker

Google started to sometimes show URL suggestions if you used the search box as “address box” but mistyped the address.

Search Update Rolling At Yahoo

The latest ‘weather report’ from Yahoo Search said an ongoing update should wrap up very soon.

Google Looks For URL Suggestions In Search Result!
In a recent thread at WebmasterWorld, some members have reported that Google is asking searchers to suggest some URLs for specific searches. "Help improve search for everyone" is how Google is asking for suggestions. Google asks the users to

Click a link to submit a link. The link open a form where you need to login.

SES – Lee’s Day 3 Wrap Up
Another great day is how I’d characterize day three of the San Jose Search Engine Strategies conference.

Yahoo Search Scripts Dynamic URL Rewriting

The beta launch of ‘Dynamic URL Rewriting’ in Site Explorer allows webmasters to tell Yahoo Search which dynamic parameters they would like the search engine to ignore.

How Google Deals with Fragments/named Anchors
In a post called ‘Talk like a Googler: parts of a url‘, Matt Cutts discusses how Google deals with fragments/named anchors.

Here are some of the components of the url:

Cutts: Google Honors The Underscore Now

Another tweak to Google’s algorithm will allow the search engine to properly recognize an underscore as a word separator, making life much easier for WordPress and Movable Type bloggers.

iTunes Podcast RSS Enclosure URL Encoding

I am working on publishing a podcast in iTunes for one of my clients. From what I have read on various blogs iTunes can be very picky, so I thought I would post this for anyone else having this problem. I was getting the following error message:

Digg Burying Stories Internally?

We all know that the main reason why stories don’t hit the Digg homepage is because they get buried. Some say the buries are caused by specific Digg users who have it out for us while others just blame it on the content saying it wasn’t Digg worthy. Well last week we did a test on Pronet Advertising that shows Digg might be burying stories internally.

Webmasters Get Easier Google Content Removal
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Updates to Google’s Webmaster Central tools give webmasters more options for removing content from Google’s index.

Google Introduces My Maps

Google introduced a new feature to Google Maps: My Maps. The My Maps tab can be found at the left-hand side, and allows you to quickly create your own placemarks with information (including photos) as well as your own lines and shapes to mark areas. You can then share these maps with others on the web through a special link.