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These Were The 20 Most Shared Video Ads Of 2012

Unruly Media has put out its annual look at the top 20 video ads of the year, in terms of shares. While, it may not come across as an ad, exactly, the company has put Kony 2012 from the non-profit Invisible Children, at the top of the list. The video has generated over 10.1 million shares since launching in early …

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Marketing With Video: Recommendations Make A Huge Difference

Unruly Media put out a new report looking at the impact of social video recommendations on traditional brand metrics such as brand recall, brand favorability, purchase intent and brand association. Keep in mind that this is the firm behind such viral hits as Evian Roller Babies and Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like (not to mention the …

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Unruly Media (Of Google Paid Link Fiasco Fame) Aims To Avoid Similar Fiascos

Early this month, Google was caught up in some controversy related to paid linking. It’s funny how the Internet works. That seems like such a long time ago, and so many Google controversies ago. Since then, Google has sparked heated debate among users and the media around both Search Plus Your World and its new privacy policies. But anyway, some …

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Unruly (Of Google’s Chrome Marketing Debacle Fame) Raises $25 Million

Unruly is the marketing firm behind Google’s Chrome paid link fiasco – the campaign by which Googlers are saying they are embarrassed. Still, Unruly announced today that it is has just raised $25 million in funding in a Series A investment from Amadeus Capital Partners, Van den Ende & Deitmers and The British Growth Fund. Unruly says it’s the largest …

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