Getting To Know The New Twitter Search

Getting To Know The New Twitter Search

By Chris Crum April 9, 2015

Earlier this week, while searching on Twitter, I was presented with a revamped search interface, but only for a minute or two (luckily, it was long enough to get a couple screen grabs). Then it went away. Even while I …

Topsy Indexes Every Public Tweet, Makes Them All Searchable Topsy Indexes Every Public Tweet, Makes Them All Searchable
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Why are other companies always making Twitter features better than Twitter does? This is especially true for search. I don’t know if you recall Twitter Search from a few years ago, but it was pretty bad. The company knew this, …

Twitter Announces Update To Search On Desktop Twitter Announces Update To Search On Desktop

Twitter announced via a brief tweet this afternoon that it has launched an update to Twitter search. The update involves photos and accounts in search results and added context (including recent searches) as you type. This is pretty much all …

Twitter Shares Some Search Ranking Details Twitter Shares Some Search Ranking Details

As previously reported, Twitter has launched some new search-related changes for its iOS and Android apps. Here’s what Twitter said about search in the announcement: ‚ÄúSearch results now surface the most relevant mix of Tweets, photos, and accounts, all in …

Here Are The Big Twitter Search Changes Here Are The Big Twitter Search Changes

Earlier, Twitter hinted at a big search overhaul to come, and now the company has unveiled what exactly that entails. First, Twitter is launching search autocomplete and “people you follow” search results to Twitter.com. “In addition to recent improvements like …

Twitter Focuses On Search As Google Struggles With Its Mission Twitter Focuses On Search As Google Struggles With Its Mission

Should Google worry about losing a portion of its search market share to Twitter? Most people probably don’t think about Twitter so much as a search engine, yet it’s the go-to place for up-to-the-second updates on any event in the …

New Twitter Search Improves on Finding Conversations New Twitter Search Improves on Finding Conversations

Twitter has redone its search feature, and it’s much more enjoyable to use now, if you ask me. The design replicates that of the “new Twitter”. If you click on a tweet from the search results, another pane will open …

Google Creates What Twitter Search Should Be

Google has launched a new search option that allows users to look at an archive of tweets on any given topic in a timeline format. Users can essentially "replay" the public Twitter conversation in th order in which it each piece occurred.

To utilize the feature, users can go to "show options" on a search results page, and select "updates". There’s a chart at the top of the page that lets you select the year, month, or day, or click any point to view tweets from that time period.

comScore: Bing Gave Strong Showing In Second Week
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Bing’s applause-worthy performance wasn’t a one-week phenomenon, according to fresh statistics from comScore.  The search engine attracted even more users during its second week in existence than in its first, building on an already-impressive gain over Microsoft’s old numbers.

A Trending Topic on Twitter with No Results
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Despite Twitter’s rapidly growing popularity, the service is quite known for downtime, and random bugs. In fact, the Twitter Status Blog usually does its best to keep the public informed about known bugs, but I have not seen mention of this yet.

While taking a look at the top trending topics on Twitter this morning, one of them (#inappropriatemovies)is giving me "no results" when I click on it. How can it be a trending topic if there are no results?

Twitter to Search the Web in Real Time
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Earlier this year, Twitter began integrating Twitter Search (formerly Summize) into its home page. Just about a week ago, it became available there for everybody.

Twitter Search for All
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Having had Twitter search readily available from my Twitter home page for some time now, I had forgotten that this feature was not available to everyone yet. Sure, the feature was always available if you could find it, but having it right in the right-hand navigation column makes it that much more accessible.

What Twitter Search Can Mean for Businesses
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While many still struggle to find a purpose for using Twitter, and Twitter ceases to generate revenue for itself (though it’s coming sooner or later), the social network continues to take the world by storm. Naturally there are plenty of opportunities there or businesses to capitalize on.

More to Real-Time Search Than Twitter
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Google’s Seattle site director Brian Bershad told TechFlash.com, "There’s relatively little data in Twitter," Bershad said. "I think if you could take a Twitter-like service and combine it with a lot of other data sources about the users, you might be able to come up with something more interesting."

Twitter Homepage Search Could Test Google
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Update: Mark Carey has created a script using Greasemonkey that allows users to put Twitter Search Results directly in Google Results. He shares the following screenshot:

Search Comes Home on Twitter
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It looks like the Twitter search box on the front page thing is coming to the mainstream. It was recently announced but only available to a very limited number of people.

More people are seeing this along with a pull-down menu for trends now, including myself. I never get these types of things before other people, so that’s probably a sign it’s on the way very shortly for everybody else.