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Here’s How Brands Are Really Using Twitter Here’s How Brands Are Really Using Twitter

How is your business using Twitter? Most are using it simply to increase brand awareness, according to a recent survey from Social Media Marketing University. Of those polled, 79.4% said they are using it for that purpose. 58% said they’re …

Can Mobile Turn Twitter Into an Ad Platform? Can Mobile Turn Twitter Into an Ad Platform?

Twitter is very influential in the news world. Stories often break and and new details constantly emerge from the millions of tweets going out every day. In the financial world, however, Twitter doesn’t hold a candle to larger social platforms …

8 Reasons You Need to Stop Ignoring Twitter
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There have been many articles written about why to use Twitter, and we’ve certainly published our fair share of them. However, the landscape is constantly changing. New trends, ideas, applications, and features come out, and they further emphasize Twitter’s place in said landscape. Following are some reasons why it is becoming increasingly important to marketers.

An Alternative Twitter Strategy for Local Businesses
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You’ve had dozens (or possibly hundreds) of articles about how to use Twitter for your businesses hurled at you over the last year or so. There are a lot of good ideas, a lot of bad ones, and a lot of contradictions. What do you expect though? The marketing world is still trying to figure this whole social media thing out. Some are having great success, and some are just wasting a lot of time.