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Google Delves Deeper Into Transliteration
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As Google’s made certain content and services available for free, some newspaper editors and book publishers have come to loathe the search giant, and it wouldn’t be surprising if translators join that group, too.  Late last week, Google took several steps to make switching between languages easier on regular people.

Google Launches New Transliteration Tool

Google has launched a "new and improved" version of Google Transliteration as a Google Labs experiment. Users can simply go to google.com/transliterate and type in the box to have their words converted to the proper language. There are 17 that are currently supported. Google explains:

Google Gives India Semi-Functional Gifts

Earlier this week, Google promised India a birthday present (the country is celebrating its 60th year of independence).  Now two new gadgets have surfaced in Google India Labs, and while they may or not be the gift in question, they’re definitely worth a look.

Google Takes Another Shot At Transliteration
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Translating something from Spanish to English is a neat trick, but both languages use the same alphabet.  Google’s looking at something tougher – transliteration – to bridge the gaps between America and several different markets.