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Like Google Docs? You Better Get Used To Google Drive Then Like Google Docs? You Better Get Used To Google Drive Then
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Google Docs is pretty amazing. It’s a fully functional word processor on the Web and I, like many Web users, count ourselves among its users. If you find yourself liking Google Docs an awful lot, Google bets that you’ll like …

BusinessWeek Loses Twelve In “Transformation”

Given both the state of the U.S. economy and the time of the year, “reorganization” is a euphemism that we’re seeing more and more.  BusinessWeek started things off with a slightly different term – “transformation” – but it is nonetheless laying off 12 employees.

Topix Goes Beyond Aggregation

Topix went beyond aggregation today by launching the ability for local news readers to post or comment upon stories.  CEO Rich Skrenta describes the business model transformation where they took more risk to turn SEO attention into participation — sharing control to create value.

The Transformation of International Paper

International Paper announced that it is implementing a transformation plan aimed to build up its balance sheet and make money for shareholders.

JDS Uniphase Initiates Business Transformation Strategy

JDS Uniphase announced a key milestone in its transformative business strategy to achieve profitability and increase corporate agility by reducing cost structure and eliminating non-core products.

The Transformation of Sara Lee

Sara Lee is entering a transformation plan that includes the election of Brenda C. Barnes as the CEO, effective immediately.

Intel Outlines Platform Plans to Better Guide Businesses Through Transformation

Intel Corporation executives today shared unique perspectives on how CIOs are transforming their businesses through standards-based computing innovations.

Tiberius OsBurn Answers Programming Questions

Stuck on a .NET programming problem? Don’t understand a certain concept? Then you’ve come to the right place for answers.

XSL Transformation

Are you scalable as you could be?

If you’re pulling a lot of your content from a database, don’t count on it.