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Should Apple Move On From Google Search?

Could Apple take on Google in search? Apple has been making some rather interesting moves of late, and some of them are search-related, and lead one to wonder if Apple could legitimately give the search giant a run for its money in its core business. Do you think Apple could ever compete with Google in the search space? Share your …

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Apple Acquires Topsy, Which Recently Launched A Twitter Search Engine

Apple has acquired social media analytics firm Topsy Labs for over $200 million, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal, citing “people familiar with the matter”. Topsy made headlines a few months ago when it launched a new search engine for Twitter, indexing every public tweet and making them searchable. Apple only confirmed the acquisition with its typical …

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Topsy Indexes Every Public Tweet, Makes Them All Searchable

Why are other companies always making Twitter features better than Twitter does? This is especially true for search. I don’t know if you recall Twitter Search from a few years ago, but it was pretty bad. The company knew this, so it bought Summize, which was doing a much better job at allowing users to search Twitter. Since then, Twitter …

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