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The Top 50 Web Properties List Isn’t Too Surprising The Top 50 Web Properties List Isn’t Too Surprising
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The top 50 web properties list for August probably looks a lot like the top 50 web properties list from July, and June, and May, and, well, you get the picture. Simply put, it’s an Internet world that belongs to …

Twitter Cracks comScore Top 50 Web Properties
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comScore Media Metrix released its top 50 web properties for the month of June. It’s no surprise that Google sites remain on top with Yahoo and Microsoft in the second and third positions respectively.

Facebook has moved up 2 positions to number 6 though, giving the social network its highest ranking to date. Twitter actually just made its first appearance on the list, coming in at number 46 with 20.1 million visitors.

Microsoft, Yahoo, Google: “Top Web Properties”

comScore released a list of the top fifteen Web properties earlier today, and there are some very familiar search-related names in the first three positions. Microsoft’s sites lead the way, with both Yahoo and Google trailing behind, according to these September rankings.