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AP: ‘Illegal Immigrant’ No Longer an Acceptable Term

The AP, apart from being a news organization, also publishes a highly influential stylebook used by schools and journalists across the country. And they have just made a pretty significant change to it. Starting now, the AP Stylebook no longer supports the use of “illegal immigrant” to describe people living in the country illegally. In fact, the AP Stylebook no …

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The AP Will Run Ads (Sponsored Tweets) for Samsung

The Associated Press, one of America’s most venerable news organizations, is selling out its Twitter feed for the very first time. And we can thank Samsung and CES for it. According to the AP, Samsung will be the first company to pay for Sponsored tweets inside their Twitter account, which currently boasts a little over 1.5 million followers. The ads …

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Whitney Houston Death Broken By Citizen Twitter Journalists 42 Minutes Before AP

We all know that information travels fast on Twitter. And with the emphasis put on Twitter recently (due in large part to the Arab Spring protests) as the new conduit for real-time news, many argue that the social network is now making everyone a journalist. Just don’t say that to some people. Whether or not you believe that Twitter is …

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