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Verizon, Sprint Pay $158M for ‘Cramming’ Bogus Charges

The Federal Communications Commission has announced that Verizon and Sprint will pay a combined $158 million to settle “cramming” investigations, wherein the Commission found that the carriers were cramming unauthorized charges onto customers’ bills. The majority of such charges came from so-called “premium text services”. “For too long, consumers have been charged on their phone bills for things they did …

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Buffalo Bills Fans Sue Over Text Alert Snafu, Win Buffalo Bills Gift Cards

Thousands of Buffalo Bills fans will receive gift cards to purchase official Buffalo Bills merchandise after they received a few too many text alerts from the team’s now-disbanded automatic text service. Back in 2012, Bills fan Jerry Wojcik filed a class-action lawsuit against the NFL organization, claiming that he received three-too-many texts from the Bills during a two-week period. The …

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Fan Sues Pittsburg Penguins Over Texts

An NHL fan is suing the Pittsburg Penguins over what he thinks are excessive text messages sent by the club as part of a promotional campaign. Fred Weiss says that he signed up to recieve texts that included special offers on ticket prices, and important developments like trades and breaking news. He says that he began receiving texts in excess …

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