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Police Sting Op Sends Accidental Texts to Man

KSAZ News 10 in Arizona reports that a man found himself in the middle of a scary situation recently when his phone started receiving text messages from an unknown sender. This wasn’t just some comical incident where someone texts a …

Law Enforcement Now Wants Wireless Carriers To Store Your Text Messages As Evidence Law Enforcement Now Wants Wireless Carriers To Store Your Text Messages As Evidence
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Last week, the ECPA amendment that would greatly enhance Americans’ privacy has passed its first hurdle in the Senate. Now the bill will head for a proper vote in the Senate and House next year. If passed in its current …

Romney Targeted By Text Message Spam
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Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is being targeted by the latest practice of voter suppression in the form of political text message spam. Progressive organization Revolution Messaging has been working to raise the awareness of this dangerous new tactic by …

Twitter Lets You Share Pics Via Text Messages Twitter Lets You Share Pics Via Text Messages

Twitter is now letting users send photos via text messages. In a post on the Twitter blog, the company announced that you can enter the text of your tweet as you normally would, and attach a photo and send it …

Google Voice Simplifies SMS to Multiple Recipients

Google has taken steps to make sending text messages to multiple recipients a little bit easier with Google Voice. In the past, users had to copy and paste the message for each person on the list.

Google is now letting users send the message to multiple people at once. Users now just need to click on the SMS button at the top of their Google Voice inbox, enter the names/numbers in the "To" field, separated by commas, and write the message.

Senator Calls Out Wireless Providers

U.S. Senator Herb Kohl (D-WI), chairman of the Senate Antitrust Subcommittee, has asked the presidents and chief executive officers of the four largest wireless providers to explain the rising rates for its customers to send and receive text messages.

Texting Used To End Relationships

Fifteen percent of people have had their relationship end via a text message or an email, according to a survey by moneysupermarket.com.

Papa John
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Papa John’s International Inc. has launched a text messaging ordering option at all of its 2,700 U.S. locations.

Facebook Sued Over Text Messages

Online social networking site Facebook is being sued by an Indiana woman who says the site profited from its members sending unauthorized text messages to cell phone users whose numbers used to belong to other customers.

EU Wants Price Caps On Text Messages

The European Commission is lobbying mobile phone operators to discount their rates for text messages and is threatening to put price caps in place if they don’t comply. Recently price caps were put in place for roaming charges.

Colleges Use Texting To Warn Students
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Colleges across the country are implementing or have implemented text- based messaging systems in order to communicate with students in the event of an emergency.