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Make Yahoo Your Homepage To Help Schools

Yahoo has launched Yahoo Homepages for Homerooms, a program aimed at helping teachers and classrooms get funding for projects.


German Court Rules Students Can Rate Teachers Online

The German High Court ruled on Tuesday that students my rate their teachers online, rejecting a case of a woman who maintained her rights had been infringed by pupils who gave her bad grades on a popular website.

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Facebook Postings Land Teachers In Hot Water
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Half a dozen teachers in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school district face disciplinary action and firings for posting derogatory comments about students on Facebook.

Four of the teachers have been disciplined for posts involving "poor judgment and bad taste," spokeswoman Nora Carr told the Charlotte Observer.

Teacher’s Social Profiles; Should They Matter?

The Washington Post pokes around a few MySpace and Facebook profiles of young school teachers and shares the apparently disturbing results.

Court Orders French Web Site To Stop Rating Teachers
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A Web site in France that allowed students to anonymously rate and name their teachers has been ordered by a court to no longer allow the practice.

Teachers unions with the backing of the education ministry took the site to court, saying the personal comments were a breach of privacy and an "incitement to public disorder." The site note2be.com was created in January by French entrepreneurs, allowed students to rate and discuss their teacher’s abilities.

Google Earth Introduced To Teachers

Celebrities and star athletes endorse products; why not teachers?  Granted, young boys may not be in a rush to imitate Mr. Oldman’s turkey neck or Mad Hatter hair, but he still spends a lot of time with the lads.  Hence (we believe) Google’s new move to introduce educators to Google Earth.

Yahoo Teachers Shaping Up Nicely

I’ve become convinced that there’s a social network targeted at every race, class, age, and occupation imaginable; for this reason, I’ve also become suspicious of new launches.  But Yahoo’s creating a social network for teachers, and the site really appears quite promising.

Lycos Wants To Be Teachers Aid

Lycos is helping teachers in the U.S. connect with their students, parents and other educators by using Tripod Web publishing and hosting tools.

Steve Jobs Blasts Teachers Unions
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Apple’s CEO has a problem with public schools that he sees as rooted in the unions that prevent principals from firing underperforming teachers.

Lead Generation Advantage for Small Businesses
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According to John Jantsch, small businesses have a decided advantage [over big companies] to do highly personal marketing.

Helping Teen Bloggers Avoid Stranger Danger

Not every blog reader has the best of intentions. They are, at times, predators of some nature, and use the popularity of the blogosphere among teenagers as a point of strategy for acting out their fantasies. If you have teenage children who are bloggers (statistically there’s a good chance of it), then it’s a good idea to have them check out BlogSafety.com.

Take A Computer Class, Teachers Urge Students

At a meeting of the National Education Association, teachers said they want to stem the falling number of college computer students.