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Internet Radio Not Quite Warming to Social Media Yet Internet Radio Not Quite Warming to Social Media Yet

The odds aren’t bad that sometime today you will tune in to some type of internet radio service and kick out some jams for a couple of hours. At least, that’s the word from a study conducted by targetspot that …

MySpace Tests Audio Ads With TargetSpot
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For most people, listening to music online is terribly convenient, and the occasional audio ad shouldn’t represent a deal breaker.  MySpace may be making a smart move, then, as it’s begun testing 30-second ads with help from an Internet radio advertising company called TargetSpot.

On-Demand Internet Radio Advertising

While Google’s out trying to conquer terrestrial advertising, a small start-up, TargetSpot, is building a platform that will allow businesses to easily and quickly create advertising to reach the 76 million listeners who prefer their radio of the online variety,according to the NYT.