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Kellen Winslow Arrested After Having Solo Sex

New details have developed in regards to former New York Jet’s football athlete, Kellen Winslow, who was arrested on November 19 for smoking synthetic marijuana outside of a New Jersey Target parking lot. It appears that the 30-year-old was doing more than just getting high. According to a female witness who was parked next to Winslow’s vehicle, she reported to …

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Krokodil Confirmed as Flesh-eating Drug in Mexico

Mexican health authorities have confirmed a homemade drug, better known as “the poor man’s heroin,” to be a flesh-eating substance. In December, a teenage girl was hospitalized in Mexico after injecting Krokodil (Desomorphine) into her genitals. The 17-year-old Texas-native experienced what appeared to be green and flakey skin. Doctors at first assumed her condition was related to a STD outbreak, but …

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Transylvania Scientist: “I Created Artificial Blood”

MedicalDaily reports that a Romanian scientist from the town of Cluj-Napoca in historical Transylvania may have just created the first synthetic and side-effect-free artificial blood substitute. This new blood doesn’t use hemoglobin to carry oxygen like previous blood synthesis attempts; instead, it uses a protein called hemerythrin which is extracted from a specific kind of invertebrate sea worm found in …

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