Twitter’s Promoted Tweets Get Syndicated

Twitter’s Promoted Tweets Get Syndicated

By Chris Crum February 3, 2015

Twitter just announced Promoted Tweet syndication, which sees the company showing its ads outside of Twitter. This is starting with Flipboard and Yahoo Japan. There’s no question that Internet users experience Twitter in many places beyond Twitter itself, so it …

Major News Organizations Aim to Establish Syndication Guidelines

Some major news organizations that make up the Internet Content Syndication Council are reportedly working on some guidelines for content syndication for their own collective membership, while providing an example for others to go by.

The council includes the Associated Press, Reuters, CBS, The Tribune Company, and many others. Here’s the full list of companies represented:

Content Syndication Is Your Friend

Content duplication has been a buzz topic in SEO for a while now. You can read about it til you puke and never have to leave WebProNews.com. It’s one of the modern webmaster’s favorite things to fret over and has been for at least two years.

Soon You’ll Be Able to Subscribe to Google SERPs

Accoding to Matt McGee at Search Engine Land, Google will soon start offering RSS feeds for search results as an extension of Google Alerts. McGee writes:

Google’s New Blogger Features

Google’s Blogger is unleashing some new features to make blogs using the platform more social. They will be rolling out these features over the next several weeks.

Syndicating Your Blog

The idea of easy money in someone’s bank account is enough to make almost anyone stop and listen.  So now that I have your attention, how can you make easy money?  The answer is very simple; syndicate your blog.  Well that is if you already are blogging.  And if you aren’t, then you might want to consider it.

BlogWorld: Tips On Syndication
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By writing a blog, you get to air your thoughts and feelings, converse with intelligent people in the comments section, and do all other sorts of nice things.  Yet what’s really nice is making money, and blog syndication can give you the best of both worlds.

Hosted Content, The Quest for the Perfect Link

Ask Google, search engines love links. Of course, they love some links more than others. For example, a simple link exchange (reciprocal link) doesn’t have as much value to search engines and so, it doesn’t receive the same weight as a non-reciprocal (one-way) link – the theory being that a one-way, in-bound link is a recommendation from a site owner to visit this linked site. The link, itself, is testament to the quality of the site being referred.

Optimizing Your Blog for Syndication, Meme Trackers

With the growing adoption of RSS readers, Meme Trackers and content being syndicated on 3rd party sites, how your content is ultimately presented becomes increasingly important.

Video Syndication Equals Free Targeted Traffic

When article directories became the rage a few years ago, now with hundreds, even thousands of them all over the web, syndication became a serious business.

Getting the Best Out of Article Syndication

We all hear how important articles are – especially when used as a tool to help boost search engine rankings.

Microsoft Seeks Content Syndication Patents

Microsoft has filed two separate patent applications, seeking to gain exclusive rights to technology used to obtain, organize, and read news feeds distributed via Real Simple Syndication (RSS).

Reuters, Pluck Offer Blog Syndication
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Reuters and Pluck have announced a strategic partnership aimed at syndicating third-party blog content as part of Reuters news and information service. In return for its $7 million investment in Pluck, Reuters will receive an undisclosed share of ownership of the company.

Online PR and Social Media Training

Blogs, RSS and Social Networking can be a minefield for PR practitioners.

News As A Part Of Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Not only are online news patrons just as desirable from a marketing perspective as their print counterparts, but in many instances, they are even more upscale.

How to Categorize Your Content for Feeds

Now that you have an RSS strategy, let’s take a look at what content you might like to syndicate.

Business Benefits of RSS and Content Syndication

If you do a search for RSS and marketing in either Yahoo News or the blog and feed search engine Technorati, you’ll very soon realize just how fast the use of RSS is growing,