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Bing’s New ‘Summer of Doing’ Site Pushes Social Search

Here’s a strange sequence of events: no sooner did I post that teaser from Bing’s Facebook page about something being announced today, possibly at Microsoft’s big media event, a post in Bing’s Search Blog appeared in my RSS reader. That in itself isn’t strange, but when I click on the link to visit the page of the actual blog post, …

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New Bing Is Now the Only Bing for U.S. Users

It’s the first day of June today, summer is officially huffing above us, and there’s no going back to that brief flowering moment of May. Another thing you can’t go back to: the old, non-social Bing. Prior to today, Bingers still had the option of using the previous incarnation of Bing or taking a great leap forward into the social …

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