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Facebook: Out with “Subscribing,” in with “Following” Facebook: Out with “Subscribing,” in with “Following”
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Apparently, Facebook wasn’t happy with the adoption of their “subscribe” feature, which allows users to subscribe to the updates of public figures (and non-celebs, to a certain extent, if they have the option enabled). For those of you who subscribe …

Facebook: Thousands of Journalists Use Subscribe Feature Facebook: Thousands of Journalists Use Subscribe Feature

Facebook wants to be all things to everyone. You like Google+ because of the ability to create circles and separate out the elements of your life? Facebook saw that and emulated it quickly with Lists. You like Twitter because people …

Consumers State They’re Willing To Pay A Little For Online News

It seems like every month another news organization toys with the idea of charging for their content. But, we always rejoin, you’ll ultimately sacrifice your audience if you charge for news content. However, the Boston Consulting Group says that may not always be the case—in fact, even Americans are willing to pay for online news.

Could Hulu Potentially Harm Quality TV Shows?

There’s just one problem with the chart below: