Comcast Defends Its Subscribers Against Copyright Trolls

Comcast Defends Its Subscribers Against Copyright Trolls

By Zach Walton June 13, 2012 | 1 Comment

People have a lot of bad things to say about ISPs, but we should give them credit when they do something pro-consumer. Remember when Verizon refused to comply with a subpoena that sought the identities behind IP addresses? That was …

Price Of Competitor Keyword Data: One Subpoena

A revived squabble between two recreational flooring companies has resulted in Google being subpoenaed for some of its keyword purchase data. The full implications of the order are not yet known, but third parties are nervous about being pulled in, and others worry about competitive data being de facto purchased through the courts.

Yahoo Tells Google To Stuff Its Subpoena

As part of its legal fight against publisher and author groups suing it over its book-scanning practices, Google sent subpoenas to Microsoft, Amazon.com, and Yahoo to gather information about their participation in similar book-archiving operations.

Google Subpoena Report Publicized

Earlier this year, the US gov’t subpoena’d various search companies to get supporting data for a proposed revived Child Online Protection Act.

Google Subpoena Just Tip Of the Iceberg

The US Department of Justice harassed more than the major search engines for information to support its case for the Child Online Protection Act. A Freedom of Information Act request by Information Week revealed that the DOJ also sought evidence from nearly three dozen ISPs, search engines, and security companies.

American Airlines Flies Subpoena To Google

An excerpt of a copyrighted training video that showed up on Google Video has led American to demand the identity of the uploader via a subpoena.

Google Subpoena Woes Double

If Google does not succeed in fending off Gonzalez v Google, the ACLU said it would have to ask for the same information the government requested.

AMD Can Subpoena Firms For Intel Suit

Third parties that received subpoenas from AMD for its antitrust case against Intel had been reluctant to comply, citing non-disclosure agreements with Intel.

Why Wont Google Comply W/ DOJ Subpoena…

…and what does this move mean for online advertisers?

The Subpoena Thing: Gov’t Keyword Research

It’s time to say a few words about why the government’s request for search query data bothers me. As he so often does, Danny summarizes a controversy nicely.

Warner Music Gets Third Subpoena From Spitzer

Warner Music Group has gotten another subpoena From New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer.