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Bing: We’re Not Giving Up On Search [Updated]

Update 2: Asked for additional comment or further clarification on Stefan’s comments, the spokesperson says, “We have nothing further to share.” Update: The initial headline to this article was “Bing Abandons Hope Of Competing With Google (In ‘Pure’ Search)”. Bing apparently takes issue with this. A spokesperson says it’s a “misrepresentation of Bing’s position, as well as Stefan Weitz’s statement. …

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Is Gmail Privacy As Bad As Microsoft Says It Is?

Last week, Microsoft launched a new “Scroogled” campaign. In case you don’t recall, the company launched a campaign under that name during the holiday season, calling out Google Shopping for its paid Google Shopping model (a move that has been controversial). This time, Microsoft is using the “Scroogled” brand again to attack a decade-old feature of Google’s Gmail – the …

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When Bing Gets Paid For Shopping Results, It’s A “Happy Accident”

Last month, Bing launched an attack campaign against Google Shopping, called “Don’t Get Scroogled“. Microsoft’s search engine has consistently been calling out Google’s recent transition form an anyone-can-get-in-for-free approach to a paid inclusion approach for Shopping results, as well as how Google has chosen to disclose this to consumers. Do you prefer Bing’s business practices to Google’s when it comes …

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Have You Seen This TED Talk From Bing’s Stefan Weitz?

Stefan Weitz, Microsoft’s Director of Search, gave a TED Talk, which TED recently uploaded. The topic of his talk is “how you can win when you’re not supposed to”. “You need some kind of argument you can use to justify this existence,” he says. This wasn’t a direct reference to Bing’s existence, but it does bring back some memories about …

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Bing Adding Qwiki Presentations Among Blue Links

Before you go off clicking on any of the blue links listed in a page of search results, Bing really wants you to have a chance to know a little something about your topic of search before you go diving off into the depths of the internets. Bing already incorporates small snippets of information about a topic among search results, …

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Bing’s Putting the Human Touch Back in Technology

Here’s a problem that’s totally born of our modern age: at work I use Macs and at home I use a Windows-powered laptop. Every single day when I go home, I have to re-adjust my motions on the scroll pad of my laptop because it is inverse to the way you scroll with a Mac mouse. I do it literally …

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