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Facebook Sociology: You’re More Likely to Post a Status If You See a Bunch of Statuses from Friends

Facebook is always screwing around with their news feed algorithms, or what they call “trying to show you better, more relevant content.” It’s not like Facebook isn’t constantly tweaking this, but they’ve been doing it a lot lately – or at least being a lot more forthcoming about the process. Did you know that Facebook users are a bunch of …

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How to Make Sure (Most) People Can’t Find Your Embarrassing Facebook Posts in Graph Search

As you may have heard, Facebook just opened the floodgates when it comes to internet stalking. Yesterday, the company announced that Graph Search will now be able to pull up all of your old statuses, photo posts, check-ins, and basically any other post you’ve ever made on the network. Before, Graph Search was really limited to being able to cull …

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Facebook Rolling Out Action-Based Status Option That Links to Pages

After testing the new feature back in January, Facebook has officially launched their new action-based statuses that let you share how you’re feeling or what you’re doing with a fun little emoticon. And and automatic link to the relevant Facebook page, which is the key aspect of this new feature. Starting today, Facebook is rolling out the new sharing option …

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Facebook Tests Quick Status-Posting Button in Blue Bar

Facebook wants you to post more statuses and more photos/videos. Earlier this month, we told you about a test the company was running that pushed a notification to mobile devices asking users to “tell friends what’s on your mind” by posting an update. Now, it looks like Facebook is looking for more ways to make sure people are still creating …

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Facebook: More People See Your Posts Than You Think

The question of how Facebook decides how many people see the content that you post has been a pretty volatile topic over the last few months. Basically, Facebook has been accused to limiting the reach of people and page’s normal posts in order to force them into using Promoted Posts, thus generating revenue for Facebook. Facebook adamantly denies all of …

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Facebook Suggests Gifts for Your Baby-Having Friends, Even Inside Statuses That Aren’t Baby-Related

We’re learning more and more about how Facebook plans to promote their new Gifts program. Last week, we saw that Facebook was beginning to suggest that you give gifts when friends post celebratory statuses. Facebook has been suggesting that you give gifts to your friends on their birthdays and when they get engaged or married for some time. That’s not …

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