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The AP Will Run Ads (Sponsored Tweets) for Samsung The AP Will Run Ads (Sponsored Tweets) for Samsung
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The Associated Press, one of America’s most venerable news organizations, is selling out its Twitter feed for the very first time. And we can thank Samsung and CES for it. According to the AP, Samsung will be the first company …

Fallout From Sponsored Athlete Tweets? Fallout From Sponsored Athlete Tweets?

Earlier this week, we discussed the New Orleans Saints and their sponsored tweets for NOLA.com. Essentially, the idea is to attract more Saints fans to the site, but some are wondering whether or not these kinds of tweets, especially for …

New Orleans Saints Players Promote Local Newspaper With Pay-Per-Tweets New Orleans Saints Players Promote Local Newspaper With Pay-Per-Tweets
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What are your thoughts on sponsored tweets? Do you ignore them or interact with them? Would you trust a sponsored tweet if it was issued by a sports entity you liked/admired/idolized? Of course, the concept of Promoted Tweets has been …

Twitter Promoted Tweets – Advertising With or Without Them
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Twitter has finally unveiled its business model in the form of "Promoted Tweets". The company refers to this as a "non-traditional" and "easy" strategy that "makes a ton of sense for Twitter." Promoted Tweets are described as ordinary tweets that businesses and organizations want to highlight to a  wider group of users.

Would you pay to promote a tweet? Let us know.

What Happens to Twitter Ad Networks When Twitter Launches Ads?
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Twitter is expected to launch an ad platform this month (some have speculated this will happen at SXSW). While this hasn’t been confirmed, the industry has been waiting for quite some time to Twitter to launch such a monetization model.

The Ups and Downs of Paid Tweeting
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Update: Izea has launched thier paid tweeting service (discussed in the original article) on its own site at SponsoredTweets.com.

Facebook Restricts Sponsored Status Updates
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You’ve probably heard of the concept of sponsored tweeting. Perez Hilton is making deals to do it. The company Izea, which is known for PayPerPost, is offering such services. Those are for tweets though. To make sure this practice doesn’t break into Facebook, the social network is working on changing its statement of Rights and Responsibilities.