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AT&T’s Sponsored Data Raises Big Concerns For Consumers and Content Providers

Though it was easy to miss among the flood of CES coverage this week, AT&T has announced a plan to capture new revenue from its data network. Called “Sponsored Data,” the plan would see AT&T charging mobile content providers for AT&T subscribers’ data usage. In other words, Netflix or Facebook could pay AT&T for its customers to access their mobile …

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FCC Watching AT&T’s Sponsored Data Closely

Early this week AT&T announced its new plan to allow “Sponsored Data” over its network. The plan would see content providers paying AT&T for the data usage costs incurred by AT&T mobile subscribers. The scheme would allow those content providers able to pay the ability to better promote their streaming videos, marketplaces, or other apps to data-conscious AT&T customers. The …

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AT&T’s Sponsored Data Criticized by Congresswoman

Yesterday AT&T announced its “Sponsored Data” initiative, which would allow companies to pay AT&T subscribers’ data costs for accessing their content. The plan immediately raised red flags for net neutrality activists, who saw the plan as the very thing they had been fighting to prevent. Though AT&T attempted to promote Sponsored Data as a good thing for consumers who might …

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CES 2014: AT&T Announces New “Sponsored Data” Offering

AT&T today unveiled a new plan to allow content providers to subsidize data costs for AT&T mobile subscribers. The plan, called “Sponsored Data” would allow companies to pay for any data charges that AT&T mobile customers would ordinarily incur accessing those companies’ content. Sponsored Data content will be marked with a special icon denoting that certain apps, videos, and services …

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