Are Spammers Impeding Twitter Growth?

Are Spammers Impeding Twitter Growth?

By Chris Crum July 6, 2009 | 6 Comments

Over the weekend, Twitter found itself victim to the tomfoolery of 4chan as the online community’s members apparently launched an initiative to make "#gorillapenis" a trending topic. They were successful, but Twitter of course responded by removing it from the trending topics.

What is 4chan?

This Guy Will Ask Spammers To Stop…

…Spamming You In Exchange For Links!

The beauty just came into my blog’s spam filter this morning:

Name: Anikrichard | E-mail: anlikivanna.80@mail.ru | URI: *spamlink* | IP: | Date: September 5, 2007

Comment Spam, Long Copy Referrer Pages & SEO Tools

Just about everyone knows that spam is part and parcel of life. We just live with it and try to do our best to minimise the impact it has on our daily lives. Unfortunately spam is a particular issue for the SEO industry, as unscrupulous search marketers often turn to spamming techniques to make a quick dollar.

MyBlogLog Updates Features Due to Spammers

I feel bad for the guys at MyBlogLog. Ever since being acquired by Yahoo, they’ve not exactly had a comfy ride. Things escalated this weekend, with reports that spammers had found an exploit that allowed them to add themselves as "co-authors" on as many communities as they wished.

MyBlogLog – A Honey pot for Spammers

There seem to be mixed feelings about MyBlogLog, the social networking service that Yahoo bought in January, and the one whose widget you can see in my sidebar, as well as the sidebars on lots of other blogs (it’s the one with a row of pictures of different readers who have visited my blog recently).

Spammers Catch Wind of MyBlogLog

MyBlogLog is on so many popular blogs that it was just a matter of time before it started to be abused by spammers.

Spammers Spoof Lawyers In Italy

Unfortunately, this spoofing has nothing to do with commedia dell’arte; in Italy, attackers are sending spam messages forged to appear to come from lawyers and directing recipients to download malware. There’s no reason to think it couldn’t happen here or elsewhere.

NYT Digg Spammers?

If we’re to believe the tripe fed to us by CNET recently, we’d have to add the New York Times to the list of “spammers” and “scammers” out to game Digg. Why?

How Spammers Get Your Email Address

Are you wondering how spammers get your email address? There are a few tricks they have for getting your address and once you see them you will see how important it is to protect your ‘real’ address and only give it to family, friends, and work contacts.

Google Speaking The Spam Language

Matt Cutts announced last week that Google will take a closer look at web pages in languages besides English, and woe be unto those who run afoul of Google’s quality guidelines, available in several languages.

Self-policing PR: Should we out PR Spammers?

There are scads of approaches we can take to rehabilitate the image of the public relations profession.

Spammers Craftier In 05

America Online just released its annual Top Ten Spam List, a collection of email subject lines that, says the company, illustrates that spammers are getting more “sophisticated, devious, and dangerous.”

Blogger And Spammers Continue To Battle

Google’s Blogger was targeted heavily by spammers recently, and now the company has created another measure in an attempt to foil them.

Spammers Nailed With $37 Million Fine

A judge in Massachusetts has handed down a huge punishment to a spam gang operating out of Boston and Russia and ordered their sites shut down.

US Tops Among Dirty Dozen Spammers

The latest Sophos study shows spamming has become more distributed around the world, but over a quarter of junk mail still comes from the US.

Three More Spammers Canned

Federal prosecutors in Phoenix have won indictments against three people accused of violating the CAN-SPAM Act.

Content Spammers Help You Overcome Prostitute Phobia
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Ah, spammers. Sometimes their creative wily ways come back to the bite them. And when it does, it’s always good for a laugh. Over at Boing Boing, a directory for wonderful things indeed, we are treated to a path that will lead us to a life free of the fear of prostitutes.