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Apple Puts $848M into Solar Farm, the Current Largest Commercial Clean Energy Deal

Apple has announced plans to construct a giant solar farm that it says will power all of its California operations – and then some. Apple is partnering with First Solar, the company behind Monterey County’s California Flats Solar Project. The company is investing $848 million in the project, which will see construction of a 1,300-acre solar farm in the area. …

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NASA Telescope Finds Evidence of Solar Braiding

NASA this week announced that it has found the first clear evidence of energy transfer from the sun’s magnetic field to its corona. Called “solar braiding,” the process was only a theory until these new observations. The evidence comes from the highest resolution images of the sun‘s corona ever taken. The photos were taken by NASA’s High Resolution Coronal Imager …

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NASA Shows Off Its 4K Sun Images

There’s a cost associated with being an early adopter, and it’s not just the higher prices. New media formats consistently outpace the rate at which content creators can adapt to the new formats. As a result, early adopters pay exorbitant sums for tech to display boring demo footage for months before ESPN finally updates its broadcast technology, which happens coincide …

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Solar Eruption Rang in the New Year, Shows NASA Video

While people across the world were celebrating or preparing to celebrate the arrival of the year 2013, the sun was putting on a New Year’s show of its own. On December 31, a massive solar eruption twisted up from the surface of the sun, propelled by swirling magnetic forces. The eruption extended around 160,000 miles out from the surface of …

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Solar Cells That Make More Power

Scientists have developed a new kind of solar cell which could capture significantly more of the energy from the sun than current cells. These new solar cells could increase the maximum efficiency of solar panels by over 25%, according to scientists from the University of Cambridge. Solar panels work by absorbing energy from particles of light, called photons, which then …

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Nanowelding With Light – Amazing Possibilities

A team of engineers at Stanford has demonstrated a promising new nanowire welding technique that harnesses plasmonics to fuse the wires with a simple blast of light. At the heart of the technique is the physics of plasmonics, the interaction of light and metal in which the light flows across the surface of the metal in waves, like water on …

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