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Data Promises New Technology May Help You Lose Your Reading Glasses

It’s not often you hear about a new technology product that has so far had 100% positive results and this one promises excellent eye saving news for all those currently using reading glasses who would like to lose them . A study recently published in Scientific Reports showed that a new technology product actually helped the participants suffering from Presbyopia …

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Open Source Now On Par With Proprietary Software

I’m a huge proponent of open source software. I’ve always found it to be just as good as proprietary software that I would have to pay an arm and leg for. Microsoft Word? Ha, I use Open Office. iTunes? Even a bigger jovial laugh as I use foobar. Anyway, Coverity released the results of their 2011 Coverity Scan Open Source …

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CIA Changing The Way They Buy Software

The CIA is changing the way it buys technology in hopes to stay on top of the constantly evolving technology landscape. Reuters is reporting that in a meeting with software vendors on Tuesday, the CIA’s top tech officer, Ira Hunt, told vendors that the agency was changing the way they do business. The way the CIA had done business before …

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Former Zynga Engineer: They Don’t Care About Fun, Focus Everything On Big “Whale” Spenders

I’ll start this out the way that it really should be started – with a warning to have your grain of salt ready. From the some-guy-is-bashing-his-former-company-on-reddit files, it appears that Zynga focuses the large majority of their attention on folks that you could say are borderline addicted to games like Farmville. On Sunday, reddit user mercenary-games began an AmA session …

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Kinect For Windows Launches Today

Kinect for Windows launched today – pause for celebration. Now that the celebration is over, we can get into the stuff that really matters on the Kinect for Windows front – software. Over on the Microsoft blog, the Kinect team detailed changes being made to the beta 2 SDK that will move the Kinect software up to version 1.0. As …

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Microsoft Office 15 Begins Technical Preview

Microsoft announced the beginning of the technical preview program for Microsoft Office 15, the next generation of Microsoft Office. The preview is the first time the company shares its work with a select group of customers, under non-disclosure agreements. “These customers play a key role in our development process by testing early builds and providing feedback, which we incorporate into …

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Security Software Aims To Trick Hackers

Hacker attacks are increasing and Web sites need new defenses to protect their data. That’s where Mykonos comes in, a security company that protects Web sites from attacks by wasting a hacker’s time instead of using an easily breakable wall. “If you break in, I want to have fun with you,” David Koretz, CEO of Mykonos, told Technology Review. He …

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NASA’s Code Laid Bare

NASA’s code has now gone open source – cue homebrew rocket ships. Open source development is a great thing. With NASA opening a new open source software-dedicated Web site, it allows street coders to access and improve the source code that NASA is working on. This can lead to new discoveries that the professional engineers at NASA could possibly never …

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Facebook Launches In-App Currency

Just as everybody was likely leaning toward the weekend a little early this past Friday afternoon, Facebook snuck in a pretty significant announcement before the start of the weekend. Around 4PM that day, a post in their developer blog went up about the advent of in-app currency now being offered to Facebook users in exchange for completing offers from advertisers. …

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