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Socialcam Is The Latest App Success Story

There is no better time than the present to build an app. If it can get popular, some larger company is going to buy it for a lot more than you ever invested in it. Instagram may be the biggest success story of them all, but popular mobile app Socialcam is no slouch. Autodesk, creators of fine visual effects and …

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Socialcam Controversy Leads To A “Fix”

Socialcam is one of the most popular video apps on the iPhone, and it’s become entangled in a bit of controversy. There’s a social feature that’s on by default, and shares the videos you watch to your Facebook feed, but apparently, even if you turn it off, the feature comes back when you restart it. Well, at least it was …

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Viddy Growing by 1 Million Users a Day

Last week we reported that Viddy is currently undergoing a round of fundraising that puts valuation of $370 million on the company. A report today from the Wall Street Journal via Mashable puts a value of the company a $200 million. Either way, the company is still undergoing fundraising efforts after hitting 26 million users. Launched just a year ago, …

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Viddy Seeks to Raise $30 Million

Viddy, a sort of Instagram for video, has just revealed that it’s going for $30 million in venture capitol during its series B funding, with a valuation of $370 million – while likely banking on its 10 million users. This comes directly after similar video-sharing platform and likely soon-to-be direct competitor Socialcam reportedly added 4 million new subscribers over last …

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Socialcam Grabs 4 Million New Users

Socialcam, a social video app for iPhone and Android that has been spreading like wildfire, has added a new feature, in attempts to keep hold of it’s 4 million new users garnered over the past weekend. Justin Kan, the co-founder of Justin.tv helped to develop Socialcam, which is a sort of Instagram for video, and investors are presently all over …

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