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FTC Gets Specific on Guidelines for Third-Party Twitter Ads

The Federal Trade Commission has just released some revisions of its decade-old online advertising guidelines, alliteratively titled “Dotcom Disclosures.” In it, the FTC lays out more specific rules for “space-constrained” ads, which you and me would probably just call Twitter ads. The new regulations add bits and pieces about all types of online ads – especially ads viewed from mobile …

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Nike Admonished For Wayne Rooney Twitter Ad Campaign

If you are an athlete, actor, musician, etc. – just how far do you have to go to make it clear to your social media followers that a communication is serving as a sponsored advertisement? That’s the issue at the heart of a decision concerning England soccer star Wayne Rooney and Nike. The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) struck down …

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Social Media in the Middle East [Infographic]

Yes, we know a social media presence is an absolutely vital component of any successful marketing effort in United States, but how are other countries coming along with adopting the current trends in online media? This next inforgraphic from, Middle Eastern online jobs giant, Bayt.com fills us in on how social media is doing in North Africa and the Middle …

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Social Media Overtakes Search in Advertising

Social media is on a trajectory to become the main focus of advertisers, according to a new survey conducted by Strata, a Comcast-owned media software firm. The quarterly report queried a broad pool of over 1,000 U.S. ad agencies processing over $50 billion in media annually, and revealed that 69% of firms regard social media advertising as being the focus …

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Twitter Launches Advertising Platform For Small Business

As you might remember, Twitter partnered with American Express last month to offer advertising space to select merchants. Now the partnership has released a promotional video on how to advertise on their platform and the ways it is going to benefit you. They promise it’s easy to use, and that your messages will reach the right people via their management …

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