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RentSocial: The Facebook Of Apartment Hunting RentSocial: The Facebook Of Apartment Hunting

I currently live in an apartment complex. My lease ends in July and I’m already on the hunt for a cheaper place closer to where I work. I’ve been using those clunky apartment finder Web sites and they just don’t …

Implicit Social Graphs Rise From Interest Not Location
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There has been a ton of conversation about social graphs, location and photo sharing lately. Most of this conversation has arisen due to the release of the photo-sharing application Color. The photo-sharing part of the discussion is only a gateway …

Facebook Lets Site-Owners Target Content Based on Individual “Likes”
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Did you know you can publish content directly to people that click the "like" button on any piece of content on your site?

A recent post on the Facebook Developer blog discusses just that. "As part of Operation Developer Love, we are are continuing to update our documentation," said Facebook’s Ankur Pansari. "Recently, I was talking with some developers in New York, and they were surprised to learn that they could publish updates to people who have liked their Open Graph Pages."

SES New York: Calacanis Pitches Mahalo Social
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Mahalo CEO Jason Calacanis, after stirring up some controversy at his last SES keynote address, was invited to speak again at the SES Conference in New York, and his tone regarding SEO was a bit softer.

SES New York is here again, and WebProNews is there to bring you reports and videos from the Big Apple. Enjoy our coverage this week.

Plaxo adds Pulse to Mac

The Mac Address Book picked up a connection to Pulse in the wake of the MacWorld conference.