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Google Participates In First Smart Grid/White Space Trial

Energy efficiency and the white space spectrum have come together thanks to Google, a young company specializing in wireless tech, and an electric utility that also deals in telecommunications.  The organizations announced that the first smart grid wireless network trial is underway.

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Vint Cerf Circles Back To Google’s Smart Grid Efforts

Over the past couple of years, Google’s made several moves that implied a sort of fascination with electricity.  There was the RE<C ("renewable energy cheaper than coal") initiative, its fleet of plug-in hybrids, and the development of the PowerMeter, for example.  Now, Google’s checked in with an update about the smart grid.

Don’t scan this article for completion dates, price tags, or anything of that sort (and don’t bother clicking on the link and doing the same on the other side, either).  Google didn’t provide information along those lines.

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