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Skimlinks Launches API Suite For Startups

Skimlinks has released a comprehensive API suite to make it easy for up-and-coming companies to earn an immediate and seamless revenue stream, and gain valuable insights into their users’ shopping habits. Skimlinks APIs will allow developers to build on top of Skimlinks’ technology and network of 18,000+ merchant relationships, to grow their business. “We want to make our technology and …

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Interview: Skimlinks CEO on Pinterest Relationship and Affiliate Marketing

Just in case you haven’t heard, Pinterest is currently one of the hottest startups. In fact, based on data from ratings firm comScore, it is the third fastest growing site in the U.S. So, apparently if you haven’t jumped on board with it, you should. However, as with so many startups, Pinterest‘s blissful beginning was slightly interrupted earlier this month …

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Pinterest Finally Speaks – The Latest

Pinterest has been maddeningly silent about some of the press items floated the past few weeks. The did speak up and calm the tempest in a teapot about how “sneaky” (or not) the monetizing of links on Pinterest had been. Then, there’s the “copyright issue”. As with any aggregation or sharing-based site, concerns about copyrighted materials being passed around came …

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Is Pinterest “Spamming” Facebook?

Pinterest, the virtual pinboard social site, is under light fire again today.

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