Here’s How To Disable Google’s Sitelinks Search Box

Here’s How To Disable Google’s Sitelinks Search Box

By Chris Crum October 27, 2014

Last month, Google announced that it is now showing a new and improved sitelinks search box within search results for some sites. Its aim is to help users find specific content on third-party sites more easily. The box is now …

Bing Tests Competitor Links Under Google Result Bing Tests Competitor Links Under Google Result

Well, this is interesting. Bing ran a test, placing links to Facebook, Craigslist and eBay underneath its result for google.com when the user searched “google”. Matt McGee at Search Engine Land noticed what he thought was a bug, until he …

Bing Ads Get Sitelink Extensions Bing Ads Get Sitelink Extensions

Microsoft announced today that Bing Ads now offer sitelink extensions to advertisers throughout the Yahoo Bing Network. The extensions, according to Microsoft, will drive deeper engagement with potential customers by letting them connect with relevant portions of advertisers’ sites. They’ll …

Enhanced Sitelinks For AdWords Roll Out Globally Enhanced Sitelinks For AdWords Roll Out Globally

Google is rolling out Enhanced Sitelinks in AdWords to all countries where AdWords is available. The product was first announced in February, and Google suggests that early indications are that they can make AdWords ads quite a bit better for …

Now It's Even Harder To Get 1st Page Google Rankings Now It's Even Harder To Get 1st Page Google Rankings

It seems like the chances for sites to get their content into organic Google search results is continuing to decrease. In a recent article, we looked at some of the recent changes Google has made to its algorithm, including things …

Google Launches Several Improvements To Sitelinks Google Launches Several Improvements To Sitelinks

We’re still digging into Google’s big list of algorithm changes released on Friday. You can read about some of the noteworthy changes in the following articles: Google Algorithm Changes For April: Big List Released Google Increases Base Index Size By …

Google Adds Sitelinks To AdWords Opportunities Tab Google Adds Sitelinks To AdWords Opportunities Tab

Google announced today that it is adding sitelinks to the Opportunities tab in AdWords. The Opportunities tab shows advertisers ways they can improve their campaigns as Google detects them. The company describes the tool as a personal assistant who can …

Google Enhanced Ad Sitelinks Launched For AdWords Google Enhanced Ad Sitelinks Launched For AdWords

Google announced the launch of enhanced ad sitelinks, which the company calls its “strongest performing experiments.” Google says that on average, clickthrough rates are 30% higher for ads with sitelinks, compared to ads without. On the Inside AdWords blog, Google …

Google Turns Your Friends Into Sitelinks for Some Queries
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Google has added social sitelinks to some search results. This means that for some social-related queries, you may see results for your own personal social connections as sitelinks underneath the main result. 

Google Makes Sitelinks Available in All AdWords Campaigns
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Google has launched Ad Sitelinks for all AdWords campaigns. The feature was made available late last year for advertisers’ top performing ads, but is now available via a one-line format for all campaigns.

Google says advertisers who have used the format in the past have experienced big gains, and have boosted clickthrough rates by over 30% (on average).

Google AdWords Sitelinks

Google Webmaster Tools Updated With New Features

Google has released an update to Webmaster Tools, with the code name "Summer Shine." The update comes with several new features.

The first new feature is that the site selector now lists all verified sites that the user owns. It also allows the user to search as they type.

Google Adds Sitelinks for More Search Results
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Using Google for searching the web, you’ve probably seen some results pages from time to time that have the top result displaying a number of secondary links underneath it. These links go to different pages within the site.

Simply referred to as "sitelinks," such pages might take you to an about page or a help page, or really anything deemed beneficial to the user by Google’s algorithm. The example below for a NASA search displays links for Gallery, Missions, Aeronautics, etc.

Google Getting Freer With Sitelinks
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Subdirectories appear to be getting some respect.  Although there hasn’t been any sort of conclusive announcement, sitelinks – those nice little link collections that appear beneath some search results – are becoming more prevalent.

A Holiday Treat from Google & Yahoo

Both Google and Yahoo! have decided to provide website owners with a "holiday season treat" by updating their respective search results (SERPs) – simultaneously!

Both the major search engines have been executing some algorithm changes causing the usual ranking turmoil for webmasters and site owners over the last week.

How to Control Your Google Sitelinks

Google have just launched a new function in their Google Webmaster Center where website owners can now decide what Google Sitelinks they want displayed in the search results.

Disabling Specific Google Sitelinks

Google sitelinks are the navigational links displayed in search results, below a site (this typically happens for your site if you search for the site’s title, but note it only happens for some sites out there).

Controlling Your (Expanding) Google Sitelinks

Google’s announcing some big changes with their Sitelinks feature.