Google Makes It Easier For People To Search For Your Content

Google Makes It Easier For People To Search For Your Content

By Chris Crum September 5, 2014

Google announced that it’s now showing a new and improved sitelinks search box within search results, which will make it easier to find specific content on third-party websites from Google itself. The box is more prominent, and supports autocomplete. Here’s …

Test Site Search and Navigation Pages to Optimize Conversions Test Site Search and Navigation Pages to Optimize Conversions
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If you’ve invested time and energy in effective, relevant, results-oriented site search and navigation, you’ve likely seen an impact on your web site – higher conversions, larger orders, more page views, less complaints and even lower abandonment rates for people …

Site Search: Too Many Results and Not Enough

I’ve been working with several clients recently in an area that gets very little love, yet is critical for your Web site: Your own site’s search function. We love to talk about Google and search engine optimization, but most of …

Adobe Launches Site Search Tool to Keep Visitors from Leaving Your Site
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Adobe has introduced a new tool for site search powered by Omniture, aimed at helping marketers anticipate visitor search intent and promote relevant products and content. It’s called Search&Promote. The real goal of the tool is to cut down bounce rates. 

Put Bing Search on Your Own Site

There has been a lot of talk about Microsoft’s new search engine Bing for the last couple weeks. I haven’t seen much about Bing site search though.

7 Ways to Get More Conversions Out of Google Site Search

The future of search engine optimization is uncertain right now. Google is experimenting with personalization, and the need for quality, engaging, and usable content is becoming more important than ever.

One part of a site’s usability is the ease with which a user can find desired content. A common way to make this easier, is site search, which Google itself happily provides.

Using the Data that Site Search Uncovers

I recently posted about ways to get more conversions out of Google Site Search. This was based on tips that Google itself offered for capitalizing on its potential. These tips were:

1. Make your search box easy to find
2. Make sure search is always available
3. Customize the appearance of search to fit your site
4. Experiment
5. Be open to feedback
6. Learn what users are looking for

Google Site Search On-Demand Indexing Triggers Re-Crawling

Google has introduced some new functionality to its Site Search product, which allows customers to search within your own site. The feature that everyone is talking about is the ability to add pages on-demand to be indexed by site search, so customers have access to these new pages as soon as they’re ready.

Enabling Google Analytics Site Search

You can now log-in to your Google Analytics account to start enabling the new Site Search feature for a site of yours.

Google Analytics Drills Down Site Search
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A new feature from Google Analytics shows how website visitors search on a site once they have arrived.

$100 a Year for Google Site Search

I have been travelling so it took me a little while to write about Google Custom Search Business Edition. The name is a mouthful (sounds like the name of one of IBM’s products) but the price won’t give you indigestion—just $100 annually for up to 5,000 pages. So what should a Web site owner think about this offering?