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Simply Hired Launches Job Search On Facebook
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Job search engine Simply Hired has launched a personalized job search using Facebook.

Users who login with Facebook are able to find jobs based on their current or previous work titles, location, interests and their friends’ companies on Simply Hired. On the search results page, people looking for a job will be able to browse friends’ companies and search for job openings.

Google May Employ Simply Hired
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This week has seen one eBusiness rumor after another come to light, and the latest nugget indicates that Google may be interested in buying Simply Hired.  If an acquisition occurs, this job search engine would fill in an obvious blank in Google’s arsenal.

Hound Sniffs Out Job Listings
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A new job metasearch competitor to Simply Hired and Indeed has emerged from attorney job finder Juriscape.

Job-A-Matic Recruiting Appeal With Bloggers
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Job search engine Simply Hired has been gaining ground with its Job-a-matic service, snagging over 600 bloggers and other site publishers since launch.

Simply Hired Links Blogs To Jobs
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The release of the Job-a-matic tool will give bloggers and website publishers the option to add job listings to their sites, and to profit from them too.