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Groupon Appoints Shutterfly CEO Jeffrey Housenbold As New Director Groupon Appoints Shutterfly CEO Jeffrey Housenbold As New Director
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Groupon announced on Wednesday that it has appointed Shutterfly president and CEO Jeffrey Housenbold to its Board of Directors. He has led Shutterfly since January of 2005. Before that, he worked at eBay in various roles like Vice President of …

Shutterfly Acquires Cloud Photo Service ThisLife Shutterfly Acquires Cloud Photo Service ThisLife

Shutterfly, the popular site for personalized photo products best known for their customizable photo books, has just announced the acquisition of ThisLife, a cloud-based photo storage and organizational site that allows users to compile all of their personal photos and …

Kodak Announces Shutterfly Takeover Kodak Announces Shutterfly Takeover
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Last month, camera and film giant Kodak announced Shutterfly would be buying out their online gallery for $24 million, and today sent out a press release regarding the acquisition and what it will mean for users. The Kodak Gallery is …

Shutterfly Soars with Pending Kodak Gallery Acquisition Shutterfly Soars with Pending Kodak Gallery Acquisition

After buying TinyPrints last year for $300 million, Shutterfly is about to acquire parts of Kodak’s online photo service for $23.8 million dollars. Kodak is parting out its Gallery after filing for bankruptcy. The agreement will transfer U.S. and Canadian …

Shutterfly Gallery Takes Off
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Showing people your pictures online has become routine – there’s no shortage of sites at which users can display one subtitled photo at a time.  Shutterfly is taking a slightly different approach, however, with a new feature that’s more like a social scrapbook.

Shutterfly Snaps Up Nexo

A three-month view of Shutterfly’s stock is fairly grim – it’s made its way from $35 per share to $20.75 in a direct fashion.  The company’s market cap is still $511 million, however, and Shutterfly has just flexed a small amount of muscle by buying Nexo.

Yahoo Photos Puts Its Affairs In Order

Yahoo Photos is dying, but its passing shouldn’t be traumatic – the site’s parent company is doing everything it can to prepare people for the inevitable event.

R.I.P. Yahoo Photos
R.I.P. Yahoo Photos
Shutterfly To Go Public

Shutterfly, an Internet-based social expression and personal publishing service, filed to go public with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Amazon Adds Shutterfly Photo Services

The folks out at Amazon added Shutterfly photo services to the world’s largest online retailer’s list of services. The new service will allow Amazon users to order a wide variety of custom image based products to their basket.