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Sex.com’s NFSW Pins Banned From Pinterest

Earlier this year, sex.com underwent a huge redesign and came out the other side looking like a Pinterest for porn. Sex.com, which was part of one of the most famous domain name legal battles ever, has seen many different looks throughout the years. But the latest incarnation is all about pinboards. “Sex.com lets you collect, organize and share all the …

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Sex.com Now Fashions Itself As Pinboard For Porn

Has anyone visited sex.com recently? Unless you’re an 11-year-old first day on the internet kid or a retired guy with their first cable connection, probably not. If you’re looking to find porn, going to sex.com or porn.com is just one step below going to Google and searching “sex” or “porn.” It’s 2012 – let’s just say there are better ways. …

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