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Amazon Fire TV Ad Stars Gary Busey Amazon Fire TV Ad Stars Gary Busey

At a large announcement event today in New York Amazon officially unveiled its long-rumored streaming set-top box device. Called the Amazon Fire TV, the device is a streaming video and entertainment box priced at $99 to compete with other streaming …

Set-Top Boxes Will Get Apps, Eventually Set-Top Boxes Will Get Apps, Eventually

Though most Americans still get their TV through traditional methods, streaming and downloaded media is beginning to make a strong impact on the industry. Streaming boxes from Roku and Apple are popular ways to access such content, as are video …

Connected Set-Top Box Sales to Double by 2017 Connected Set-Top Box Sales to Double by 2017

Though the promise of a la carte and streaming programming is beginning to be realized through services such as Netflix and Hulu, cable companies still rule the living room. That transition could speed up in the coming years, though, as …

Set-Top Box Market Growing, Despite Other “Smart” Devices Set-Top Box Market Growing, Despite Other “Smart” Devices

For the past half-decade or so, set-top boxes have been getting smarter. Not the ones provided by cable companies, but boxes from Roku and other companies have been trying to provide quality streaming services to living rooms for years. Now, …

Google Sells Off Motorola Home For $2.35 Billion Google Sells Off Motorola Home For $2.35 Billion

Broadband technology company Arris Group announced today that it has acquired Motorola Home from Google. Motorola Home is Motorola Mobility’s set-top box division, and Motorola Mobility was bought by Google back in May 2012 for $12.5 billion. The transaction will …

Google to Sell Motorola Set-Top Box Division Google to Sell Motorola Set-Top Box Division

When Google finally acquired Motorola Mobility, it promptly took stock of the company and then began cleaning house. Just this past month, Google has announced 4,000 layoffs for the company and closed down its branch in Netanya, Israel. It was …

Logitech Launches Contest to Find Help Promoting Google TV Device
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Logitech has started a contest to promote Google TV, the upcoming service for which Logitech is a launch partner. The contest is called "Host with the Most", and asks if "you have what it takes to be a ‘host with the most’ for Logitech Revue with Google TV?"

Logitech Revue is the company’s set-top box that will help the Google TV service launch (alongside TVs and Blu-ray players from Sony).

Best Buy Getting Into Movie Download Business
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It looks like Best Buy is getting into the business of offering movies for download. This could step up competition with the likes of iTunes and Amazon, and even Netflix really.

The concept is a product of Best Buy partnering with CinemaNow, the same company that Blockbuster has dealt with to offer movies through set-top devices. According to Variety:

Google’s Android Going to Set-Top Boxes

Google is expecting a good year for Android, and it’s got plans for the mobile operating system. The company is planning "significant" products and partnerships.

Netflix Forms A Partnership with TiVo
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It looks like Netflix is about ready to get another big boost to its competitiveness in the quest for online video domination. The video service has announced a deal which will see it streaming content through TiVo.

Potential Hulu/Joost Killer Begins Beta Testing
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A new player in the online video game is emerging in Sling.com. Well the service is new, not really the player. Owners Sling Media have been around for a while, focusing primarily on hardware, but that is all about to change, starting with Sling.com, which has just begun beta testing to select users.

NBC Olympics Coverage Proves Online Video’s Importance
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NBCNBC Sports had a good run with online video during the Olympics to say the least. They reported that they streamed over 12 million hours of Olympics content across its digital platforms, with 7 million visitors watching over 30 millions streams of live and Video On Demand content at NBCOlympics.com.