A Convenient Content Truth

A Convenient Content Truth

By Rich Ord December 28, 2009 | 52 Comments

Big businesses with huge pageviews fueled by Google have emerged in recent years that exist only because of a unique SEO / Adwords relationship with Google. Google gives them a huge presence in the long tail SERPS and they in turn give Google increased revenue by being a Google Adsense partner. Not just any Adsense partner, but a Google partner that turns Google search generated traffic into billions of Adwords clicks totaling tens of billions of dollars. 

No DMOZ In Google SERP!
Barry Schwartz reports that The Open Directory’s Home Page Goes Missing In Google.

Will The SERP Be Reinvented?

The search engine results page (SERP) has been largely the same for the past decade. But Google’s foray into Universal Search and Ask.com’s recent unleashing of 3D search have people wondering if we’re in for a new era, a new look.

Does Google Investigate All Bad SERP Reports?

A statement made by Google recently bagged lots of critical feedbacks on a WebmasterWorld thread. In a Google update on spam reporting Google claimed that they will investigate all bad SERP reports.

Google Ranking Flux Probably Just A Hiccup

Everybody stay calm. Go on with your usual SEO business. What looked like a President’s Day weekend Google algorithm update was most like a tiny ripple in cyberspace.

A handful of bloggers were asking "did you see that?" referring to a sudden, and brief, fluctuation in keyword positioning in the Google search results. SEObook’s Aaron Wall begins the discussion:

Yahoo Displays SERP Title Based On Anchor Text

The dichotomy of having a Yahoo directory listing has been known for years.

SES 2006: SERP Sharp-Shooting

Earlier we reported that presence was an essential part of the online shopping process. It’s not so much about the clicks as it is about branding. Our man about San Jose, Doug Caverly, continues this theme, reporting from the Search Behavior track at the Search Engine Strategies Conference. Further eye-tracking studies shows that position is everything.

Google Testing SERP Changes

Google appears to be in a major retooling effort of their results pages. Just a day after the buzz leapt from search blog to search blog about Google putting 3 sponsored links at the top instead of two, Media Post’s Shankar Gupta tells us that may just be the tip of the iceberg.

Yahoo Rolls Out Unannounced SERP Update

Every so often, a search engine has to refresh the contents of their index by performing any number of result-related updates. It’s usually pretty easy to find when search updates are going on, especially when it affects the big 3. All you have to do is monitor any of the popular SEO/SEM forums.

Yahoo SERP Update Underway?

Reports are surfacing concerning a major update occurring at Yahoo’s search engine. However, some feel this may be just a run-up to the real thing.

Why Is Google Tracking SERP clicks?

In a recent phone interview Dan Thies informed me that Google has been tracking click throughs on their search engine result pages (serps) for some time.