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Larry Page Takes a Facebook Search Engine Seriously

Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page appeared on Charlie Rose’s talk show Monday night to to talk about goings-on in the internet lands. Inevitably, Rose asked Page about the delicate co-existence that Google maintains with Facebook. Google and Facebook have played the dueling pianos of the internet for years now, but it seems lately Google’s been taking Facebook to task …

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Google’s Sergey Brin is Searching for a Cure to Parkinson’s

Aside from trying to get Google+ on track and dealing with Penguin updates, Google’s Sergey Brin is working on a project that’s a little more personal to him, as well as those who suffer from Parkinson’s disease, a a degenerative disorder that attacks the central nervous system. The fight against Parkinson’s is personal to Brin because his family history, along …

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Is the Internet Becoming Less Open?

Although the issue of Web openness has been mostly quiet of late, it was revived after Google’s Sergey Brin made some powerful statements to the Guardian. According to him, the freedom of the Internet is under a greater threat than it has ever been before.

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Are Facebook and Apple Really a Threat to the Open Net?

Google co-founder Sergey Brin recently made some mildly incendiary comments to The Guardian about how companies like Facebook and Apple are a threat to the openness of the internet. In the interview, Brin denounced the highly protected practices by the companies, which is commonly known throughout the tech industry as a walled garden, and said, “The kind of environment that …

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Sergey Brin Clarifies Comments from Guardian Article

Whenever a person talks to the press, there is always a risk that sometimes words will get misconstrued or taken out of context. Mostly, this isn’t done maliciously – well, it isn’t unless you speak to one of the many skulduggerous media outlets out there. Any perceived misrepresentation happens due to restrictions of the medium itself: words must be truncated, …

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The Backlash on Sergey Brin’s Comments Begins

You didn’t really think that Sergey Brin was going to get away scot-free for those Guardian comments about how Apple and Facebook were guilty of obstructing open development of technology while Google was the true bastion of creativity and liberty on the internet, did you? Nope. In this corner of the ring, you will find accusations directed at Google that, …

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Sergey Brin: Hollywood Is Shooting Itself in the Foot

Google co-founder Sergey Brin spoke with The Guardian over the weekend and offered up his opinions on a series of topics related to the current state of affairs with the internet and the technology world as a whole. Unsurprisingly, Brin spoke of his company as if it was unfairly besieged by competitors and government alike. Brin ominously told the Guardian …

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Project Glass: Sergey Brin Is Going Around Wearing The Google Glasses

Google co-founder Sergey Brin went out to a charity dinner aimed at raising money for the Foundation Fighting Blindness, and he was wearing the Project Glass glasses. This is, according to tech blogger Robert Scoble, who says he was at the dinner with photographer Thomas Hawk. Scoble posted some pics taken by Hawk on his Google+ page. Scoble said on …

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Vint Cerf Believes Google Could be Toppled

No, this is not an alarmist reaction to Google+ or anything like that. Instead, it’s an incredibly innovative person who understands there are future generations who could very well create something that succeeds Google’s position in the Internet industry. What we have is a Vint Cerf situation. That is, when he speaks, especially about the Internet, we listen, and listen …

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