Semantic Web Articles

Web Founder Still Creatively Vague
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The World Wide Web turned 20 years old last Friday, and its creator, Tim Berners-Lee, says its potential is hardly reached. His next vision, a vision he’s been talking about for years, is the Semantic Web, which on the surface seems as simple as herding cats. But don’t let the specifics bog down a perfectly good concept with just the right amount of vagueness to drive it forward.

Yahoo Throws Its Weight Behind The Semantic Web
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The semantic web was one of those ideas that are always a little out of reach; statements of "that’s so cool!" emerged from few places other than tech conferences.  Yahoo has announced its support for semantic web standards, however, so it looks like the thing may finally arrive.

StumbleUpon & Discovery: It’s What’s For Dinner
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Long ago a little old lady asked, “Where’s the beef?” These days, Hollywood writers have a beef with the studios, and people turned to the web to discover entertainment in greater numbers.

Reuters OpenCalais Seeks WordPress Plugin

The project has a $5,000 bounty offered for the developer who creates a plugin for tagging posts with semantic infrmation.

Arguing The Semantic Web: Dead Or Just Not Alive?
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The language used to describe the Semantic Web is complicated enough – at a glance, it looks a bit quantum theory-ish, just enough to make your eyes roll back into your head to look for ways to kill themselves – but Tim Berners-Lee, who’s responsible for all those Ws littering your URLs, inspired enough faith that whatever the Semantic Web was, it could be accomplished.

Scoble Finally Gets “Semantic” Web

Yesterday I got a look at Radar Networks’ stealth stuff. It won’t be on the market until later this year but for the first time I finally understood what the semantic Web was all about and what benefits it’d bring us.

Ready for Web 3.0?

Living in Silicon Valley has been an intoxicating and suffocating experience all wrapped up into a lavish party with gourmet food and cocktails poured through a block of chiseled ice. Everyday I live, breath, sleep everything two dot oh, and what started as a way of making the web more dynamic and interactive, is now one big pool of punch where programmers, marketers, and startup founders are the new rock stars and everyone wants to jump in to take a dip and take a sip.