Yahoo: BOSS in, SearchMonkey Out

Yahoo: BOSS in, SearchMonkey Out

By Chris Crum August 17, 2010 | 1 Comment

Yahoo and Microsoft announced the beginning of the transition of organic search results today, but since the original announcement of the deal, it has been unclear what would happen to the Yahoo Search BOSS and SearchMonkey tools. That is because Yahoo had yet to make up its mind.

Yahoo’s mind has now been made up. BOSS will carry on, and SearchMonkey won’t.

Yahoo Monkeys Around with Facebook
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Facebook features have been added to Yahoo’s list of SearchMonkey apps that the search engine has turned on by default. The others that are available include (via Matt McGee):

Yahoo Sets Wikipedia App To Default

On Wikipedia’s eight birthday, Yahoo has set its Wikipedia Searchmonkey app on by default. The application pulls more information from Wikipedia and makes it viewable in the search results.

Wikipedia results will appear with deep links to as many as four sections of the article about the searched-for topic, a photo if one appears in the corresponding article, and a snippet from the top of the article.

For example, if one were to conduct a search on Cyrus the Great of Persia, the result would appear like this:

Yahoo Creates Experimental Status For SearchMonkey Apps

A lot of people enjoy being testers; the practice essentially lets them get their hands on cool stuff way before everyone else.  At the same time, the people behind the products appreciate receiving early feedback.  So Yahoo’s adopting a smart approach to its SearchMonkey program and making unfinished applications more accessible.

Yahoo’s Openness To Search
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Yahoo announced that they have integrated a couple of applications from their SearchMonkey project into everyday search results for users of the Yahoo search engine. The two integrated apps are from Citysearch and Zagat, which Yahoo intends to use for improved local search results along with Yelp and its own Yahoo Local results.

Two More Important Yahoos Leaving

It appears that the small boxes used to carry office supplies and personal effects are still in high demand at Yahoo.  New reports indicate that Amit Kumar and Kiersten Hollars – two relatively high-ranking employees – are expected to move some within the next week or so.

Yahoo Sights In Sites Through SearchMonkey

Developers who wanted to make more use of Yahoo’s SearchMonkey technology with a site’s specific content got a little help from Yahoo.

Yahoo Yelps at new search content from Local and LinkedIn

They aren’t monkeying around at Yahoo Search, but they are SearchMonkeying with more universal content in the search results.

(Parts Of) Yahoo SearchMonkey Go Mainstream
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Yahoo’s SearchMonkey platform was supposed to shape the next generation of search, and now it’s doing exactly that – sort of.  Yahoo’s taken a shot at integrating several experimental SearchMonkey applications into its default search results, anyway.

Yahoo Search Gallery Opens Up
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Until now, SearchMonkey announcements have had little immediate meaning for non-developers – they simply weren’t affected.  But the Yahoo Search Gallery is becoming more accessible, and a wide sharing of applications can begin.

Yahoo’s SearchMonkey Comes Out To Play

Want to "have a hand in shaping the next generation of search"?  Or at least pad your wallet with ten thousand dollars?  Yahoo has opened its new SearchMonkey platform to all developers, and at the same time, announced the SearchMonkey Developer Challenge.

Yahoo Monkeys Around With Search

Yahoo offered developers a sample of its Open Strategy at the Web 2.0 Expo by presenting SearchMonkey, for customizing the Yahoo search experience.