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Yandex Tweaks Algorithm To Include Search Session History Yandex Tweaks Algorithm To Include Search Session History

Russian search engine Yandex announced a new change to its algorithm that looks at a person’s search history from within a particular search session to deliver results and suggestions based on what it says is the “full picture” of the …

Google Adds History Link to Mobile Home Page

Google has added a new "history" link on its mobile home page. This lets you easily get to sites you’ve been to and items you’ve starred from Android, iPhone, or desktop searches.

Bing Suggests Queries Based on Search History
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Microsoft announced today that Bing is just now supporting query history in its Autosuggest feature. In other words, if you have your search history enabled, Bing will incorporate past queries you’ve made into the suggestions.

Google Uses Hours of Search History to Serve Ads
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Google has made some adjustments to how it uses referral URLs for contextual matching of AdSense ads. Google has started expanding the use of query words in referral URLs to a few hours.

Basically what this means is that Google is using user’s search history to determine what ads to show on sites using AdSense. If a user arrives at one AdSense site via a search results page, and then goes to another AdSense site within a few hours, they might see ads based on the referral data from the first one.

Microsoft Addresses Search Privacy

Sree Kamireddy, Bing Program Manager and self-proclaimed "Privacy Champ" has written a post on the Bing blog discussing how Microsoft handles your Bing search history information. More specifically, Kamireddy explains how this is actually in users’ hands.

Kamireddy explains that Bing Offers the following:

Google’s Persistence Of Memory
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There is a reason why Google keeps 18-24 months of search information before anonymizing it – three reasons, actually – and the company discussed them through the Official Google blog.