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Google Proves To Be Inconsistent By Adding Grooveshark To Their Autosuggest Blacklist

As Google’s march towards becoming the big brother who knows what’s best for their users, even if their users disagree, continues unabated, are we witnessing the company undo all the goodwill it built up over the years? Findings seem to suggest that trend, and when the company responds to why they did things like get rid of Google Reader, despite …

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Does Microsoft Ignore Bing’s Results?

Earlier this week, Google released their annual Transparency Report, which, among other things, focuses on the multitude of search engine result takedown requests they receive. Among the information contained within, there’s a list of the entities issuing these requests. The far and away leader of this group is a company called Marketly, and if you look at their list of …

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Reddit Ensures Rick Santorum’s Google Rankings Remain

By now, you’ve probably heard about Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum and his dealings with Google. The issue had to with a particularly unsavory definition that was applied to the candiate’s last name when an Internet search was conducted, something Josh covered extensively here. Now, thanks to some Reddit users who refuse to let Santorum escape without a steady reminder …

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Concerning Bing’s More-Accurate-Than-Google Search Results

It’s pretty clear that Experian Hitwise has a comfortable familiarity with Tom Smykowski’s “Jump to Conclusions” mat, at least in regards to comparing search result accuracy with Google and Bing.  It’s either that or perhaps the “online competitive intelligence service” needs another lesson in correlation and causation.

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Google Adds Sitelinks for More Search Results

Using Google for searching the web, you’ve probably seen some results pages from time to time that have the top result displaying a number of secondary links underneath it. These links go to different pages within the site.

Simply referred to as "sitelinks," such pages might take you to an about page or a help page, or really anything deemed beneficial to the user by Google’s algorithm. The example below for a NASA search displays links for Gallery, Missions, Aeronautics, etc.

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