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Oracle, SAP Get Into Nerd Fight
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Feeling cocky about Oracle’s blowout quarter, CEO Larry Ellison outlined in a conference call last night, in no uncertain terms, the reasons SAP sucks and why it should be more like Oracle. SAP responded this morning with an I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I press release.

Integrating XML into SAP Business Connector

Corporations are always in search of the most effective mechanism for both acquiring and selling goods as well as services at very minimum total cost over the Internet.

A conversation with SAPs Shai Agassi

The audio from my interview Monday with Shai Agassi, one of seven people on SAP’s executive board, is now up on Podtech.

Jeff Nolan Leaves SAP

Jeff Nolan has moved on from SAP. He has really served as a model to follow for others working in a large company that hope to move it forward.

Philly Papers Tap SAP For ERP

Enterprise resource planning firm SAP picked up a deal with holding company Philadelphia Newspapers LLC to provide mySAP ERP for its print media companies.

TCS To Help With SAP Web Services Transition

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has become the first Asian consulting company that SAP AG considers a global partner for services. Together, the two corporations will help businesses shift to SAP’s web-based applications.

JD Edwards, Red Hat, Oracle vs SAP Growth…

News on Applications Unlimited – Oracle’s plan to enhance JD Edwards, Oracle, PeopleSoft and Siebel applications on an on-going basis.

SAP Unveils New CRM Software

SAP AG has made public the first on-demand/on-premise customer relationship management (CRM) suite. Dubbed SAP CRM 2006s, the software was announced at SAPPHIRE ’06, the company’s international customer conference.

SAP, Microsoft Sing A Duet

SAP AG and Microsoft Corp. confirmed the June release of a product that will allow users to link SAP’s business processes and data with Microsoft’s Office desktop programs. This product, officially named “Duet,” is the result of a twelve-month collaboration between the corporations.

SAP Undercuts Oracle On Oracle Support

A unit of German software giant SAP will offer technical assistance for Oracle’s Siebel products at about half the price Oracle charges for support

Users Speak Out about SAP NetWeaver

Starting around August of last year I started tracking down SAP users who were early adopters of the NetWeaver platform, and I found an interesting dynamic happening that lead me to continue researching what was going on.

Social Media at SAP

Live and un-cut notes at the Enterprise Software Summit.

SAPs Hosted CRM Product

SAP AG announced on Friday an expansion of its mySAP Customer Relationship Management (mySAP CRM) solution to include an on-demand option. The SAP CRM on-demand solution is designed for large and midsize organizations to manage sales, service and marketing in an easy-to-use solution delivered directly via the Internet, offered through a subscription-based licensing model.

SAP enters SaaS market

Yesterday, the German enterprise software vendor SAP announced it is entering the hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) market with the expansion of its mySAP CRM offering to include a hosted option.

Avaya, SAP Team Up While AMQ Threatens

A marketing agreement between business communications firm Avaya and SAP America will see the companies jointly market products in the customer relationship management space; meanwhile a year has passed since the start of the AMQ project, which aims to create an open messaging queuing solution.

ERP Selection Oracle, SAP, Microsoft
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In the beginning of 21st century we can recognize the trend in international business. Multinational corporations are moving their manufacturing facilities and sales operations to Brazil.

SAP Plus Linux Equals A Windows Switch

One Australian firm tried to make Linux work for them, but after seven months shifted to a Windows platform to run SAP.

SAP, Microsoft Push To Automate Business

Cisco and Intel, along with Microsoft, have licensed SAP’s technology to automate business processes.

Hundreds of Developers at Microsoft and SAP Working Together

Hundreds of developers at Microsoft and SAP will work together on a new product designed to link together their business software …

Windows, SAP Find Wormhole in Separate Universes

The world’s #1 and #3 software makers, Windows and SAP, are taking aim at uniting previously unconnected desktop and business applications with “Mendocino,” to be released late this year.

SAP and Microsoft Developing New Enterprise Software

SAP and Microsoft are jointly developing and planning to offer a new product, code-named “Mendocino”.