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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Injunction Lifted by Court

A federal U.S. Appeals Court this week threw out a lower court’s preliminary injunction that Apple won against the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Samsung had requested the injunction be lifted, though sales of the Galaxy Nexus were disrupted for only a week or so back in July of this year. Google was able to quickly modify the software on the phones …

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Galaxy Nexus May Get Jelly Bean Early as Sales Resume Next Week

When Apple won its victory in court and got an injunction against Samsung selling the Galaxy Nexus smartphone in the U.S., Google was forced to pull the smartphone from the Google Play store, where it had been selling the device unlocked for $400 since April. The company began immediately working on a fix for the device’s software that would allow …

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Galaxy Nexus Available For Purchase on Google Play

The Google+ page for Android announced today that users can purchase a Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone straight from Google. The phone is now available in the Google Play store for $399, but is only available in the U.S. The model sold in the Play store is an unlocked and contract-free GSM phone with HSPA+ data capabilities, meaning it will work …

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iOS Beats Android In HTML5 Performance

While much of the discussion over which mobile platform is better – Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android – is subjective, we occasionally run across some hard data that may push conclusions in one direction or the other. A recent study by Spaceport.io, dubbed the PerfMarks Report, provides one such piece of data. The report compares Android’s and iOS’s performance in …

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