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Samsung Galaxy S III The First SAFE Phone In The U.S.

With our increasingly connected world, people have to make sure that data is safe. Data safety is especially important for businesses who don’t want corporate secrets making their way out through a misplaced data transfer on smart phones or other easily made mistakes. That’s why Samsung is all about making their smartphones SAFE Samsung announced today that the Galaxy S …

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Man Finds 26K in Safe Bought on eBay

Canoga Park, California eBay seller James Labrecque always states in his auctions that “WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET,” all-caps. Well, in one of his recent auctions, $26,000 was included in what the buyer got. A Bartlett, TN eBay buyer was able to get the safe for $122.93, later finding all the cash inside after bringing it to a …

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