Focusing on Buttocks: What You Need to Know About Facebook’s Newest Attempt to Clarify Its Content Rules

Focusing on Buttocks: What You Need to Know About Facebook’s Newest Attempt to Clarify Its Content Rules

By Josh Wolford March 16, 2015

What can you post on Facebook and will Facebook remove it? What’s ok and what crosses the line? Where the hell is the line? Facebook has pulled the curtain back – at least a sliver – on its much-maligned content …

Google, Verizon Now Best Of Pals

All of that legal nastiness between Google and Verizon over the latter’s alleged attempts to alter the conditions of the forthcoming 700MHz spectrum auction has faded, as the two may team up for a Google Phone deal.

New Rules for Breaking News

Part Three of a series discussing blogger relations, "Building a Bridge Between Your Story, Bloggers, and People."

Ballmer Rules Out Yahoo, Facebook Buys

It’s time to put the Yahoo or Facebook acquisition deals from Microsoft to rest, as Steve Ballmer disclosed a less broad scope for what the company buys.

Hiding, Color Rules Added to Google Spreadsheets

Google Spreadsheets has several new features, as a Google Docs Guide in the official help group on the subject announced today:

Search Rules Advertising As Media Diversifies

Search and word-of-mouth are by far still the most effective means of advertising and driving website traffic, according to a new survey, but it may not be time to sing the dirge for print just yet.

Gmail as a Spam Filter on Cpanel

You probably have heard that you can use Gmail to filter spam for all your email addresses. You might have gone so far as to look up how to do it and end up a little frustrated because your not a server whiz and rely on cpanel to set up filters. The reason your having problems is because Cpanel is a bit different than a vanilla Linux install.

Quick Overview

Republicans Urged To Attend YouTube Debate

Two well known conservative bloggers have started a petition on their new Web site save thedeabte.com to urge Republican presidential candidates to participate in the YouTube debate scheduled for September 17 in Florida.

IBM Sets Virtual World Rules for Employees

IBM’s guidelines for employee bloggers are fairly well known among people who pay attention to such things. Now, IBM has become (as far as I know) the first company to establish a policy for employees who venture into Second Life and other virtual words.

Mike Grehan Reloads on Universal Search

Rebecca Lieb announced the newly redesigned Clickz site. This rollout honors ten years of loyal service to the web design community. The look is clean and organized better. Avoid mousing around the header, however, unless you want to view a show or be pounced on with unannounced PDF files.

Google Goofs Up “Bourne,” Threadless Contests?
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Google’s “Bourne Ultimatum” and Threadless t-shirt contests both looked like fun – and potentially rewarding – activities, but they’ve (so far) failed to impress.  The Bourne site is suffering from a number of technical problems; the Threadless competition appears to have outlawed a perfectly natural course of action.

7 Rules for Widget Success
Live from WidgetCon

Speaker: Shervin Pishevar, President, Freewebs

The age of engagement has begun. Umm, hasn’t it begun a few years ago?

7 Rules for Widget Success (we must take notes – he has a number in it – you MUST write down every point with a number, which is why I always structure my presentations that way)

Keep WordPress From Overwriting .htaccess Rules
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For as long As I care to remember I’ve been having issues with my Wordpress .htaccess file.

.htaccess file is a small Apache file that lets you do all sorts of funky things with requests made to your server. It’s also one of SEO’s best tools. I have a lot of custom 301 redirects set up, including a redirect which makes my site available only via the www subdomain.

Moms, Dads, And The Rules Of Social Networking
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In the hierarchy of social networks, Facebook ranks higher than MySpace, isn’t quite as adult as something like LinkedIn, and yet appears to be accessible from both sides.  This has created some interesting situations as parents embrace what used to be the domain of their children.

EU Investigates Google’s Privacy Rules

Google’s policy of retaining user information for up to two years, has become the center of an investigation by an EU panel, according to the AP.

Warner Music Sues Imeem For Infringement

Did you hear that Flea (of Red Hot Chili Peppers fame) is going to teach schoolchildren music?  Well, Warner Music Group (which represents the Chili Peppers) is going to teach Imeem a lesson – it’s suing the social networking site for copyright infringement.

The Media And Being Social About It

The social media has emerged with a boom during the past few years. The social media sites enables a website or a blog with good content to generate traffic as well as create awareness.