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Taylor Swift Explains Her Big Spotify Diss Taylor Swift Explains Her Big Spotify Diss

As you may have heard, American sweetheart and creator of the only platinum-selling record of 2014 Taylor Swift yanked all of her music off Spotify earlier this week (save one song). Bummer for Taylor Swift fans who don’t buy albums …

Pandora Hikes Price, Cites Rising Royalty Rates Pandora Hikes Price, Cites Rising Royalty Rates

Like most music streaming services, Pandora’s users are mostly the non-paying kind–the ones who are perfectly content to deal with some ads in order to avoid paying a monthly subscription fee. If you’re one of those 200 million+ people, you …

Pandora Reaching Its Epilogue?
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Pandora.com, an Internet radio site that I am personally quite fond of is hitting a rocky patch (if you’re not familiar with Pandora, WebProNews recently chatted its CEO Tim Westergren, so check that out).

YouTube Makes Music Royalty Deal

The MCPS-PRS Alliance is a UK organization with over 50,000 members; the organization exists to deliver royalties to its members, who are mainly music writers, composers and publishers.  And according to a new deal, some of those royalties will come from YouTube.

Most Web Music Indie, But Stations Still Pay
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Talk about getting it from both ends. If you haven’t been following the Recording Industry Association of America’s (RIAA) downright persecution of the webcasting industry, you might be surprised to know that not even stations that play independent music can get beyond the RIAA’s reach.

DC To Webcasters: Drop Dead
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Whatever happens with web radio from this point forward will depend on whatever concessions webcasters can wrest from SoundExchange and the record labels that back it.

Universal Continues Push For Video Royalties

Last November, Universal Music Group sued Bolt.com alleging various instances of copyright infringement. It appears that the two sides are nearing a settlement agreement that will see Bolt hand over several million dollars in damages as well as agree to pay future royalties on uploaded content that contains music from Universal Artists.

How To Sell Your Ideas For Huge Royalties

Here is a way to cash-in on your ideas. If they are unique some company just may be willing to pay big bucks for some of them. This report explains how to protect your ideas to make sure that you get paid for them. Your saleable ideas can be something tangible or intangible.