New Myspace Facing Music Rights Issue in First Week of Public Launch

New Myspace Facing Music Rights Issue in First Week of Public Launch

By Josh Wolford January 21, 2013

Last week, the all-new Myspace finally opened up to the public after a few-month-long beta period. Its launch, coincidentally, occurred at the same time that investor and head celebrity backer Justin Timberlake launched the new single from his upcoming album. …

Google Censors China Olympics Criticism

The motto of next year’s Olympic games in China is “one world, one dream.” Online, the world is actually split up into several countries, each with their own limited view, made possible through national censorship of the web.

Google, Holocaust Museum Map ‘Crisis in Darfur’
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Google Earth and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum announced a joint effort to highlight conflict in the Darfur region of Sudan.

JetBlue Customer Bill Of Rights

If you were trying to fly in or out of the North East U.S. a few weeks ago you’ll no doubt remember the problem JetBlue was having in keeping flights in the air and on schedule.

The problems started with an ice storm that naturally led to flights being grounded, but once air travel resumed JetBlue found itself lagging in getting their operation running again. We all know things happen and in this case JetBlue dropped the ball. However their response to the situation is more telling about the company than the temporary problems they faced.

Billable Rights of SEOs and Clients
  1. The SEO has a right to receive payment from the client for the entire amount contracted. A contract is a contract is a contract. Don’t try to weasel out of it.
  2. The SEO has a right not to have to justify to the client payment due in terms of actual time spent on account unless payment is based on an hourly fee. Package priced contract fees are due regardless of time spent provided work outlined in the contract is performed.
Google Germany Loses Rights To “Gmail”

In the U.S., “Gmail” is synonymous with “Google.” It looks like things are going to play out differently in Germany, however. The Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) ruled today that Google can’t use the term.

Amnesty To Press UN On Blogger Rights

A Chinese proposal to force bloggers to register with the government using their real names will be on the minds of United Nations delegates as they discuss various online issues at the Internet Governance Forum to be held in Athens.

What to Look For When Buying Resell Rights Products

There are 2 types of resale rights category – the low end and high end resale products.

Media Player 11 DRM Terms Stricter

There’s some serious differences between the DRM terms between Windows Media Player 10 and 11. Most specifically, this section:

Microsoft May Limit Employees’ Admin Rights
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Due to one of the new features in Windows Vista, many Microsoft employees may have their administrative privileges taken away. Most of the people employed by the software giant currently have full admin rights on their desktop PCs, but this is unusual state of affairs for a corporation. The change would be made to improve security.

Google Aquires Rights to Text Search Algorithm

Google has hired Israeli-born Ori Allon, an Australian student who has developed a text-search algorithm called Orion, according to News.com.au.

Google Responds To Human Rights Caucus

Though a representative from Google will not attend the Human Rights Caucus in Washington, DC, the company’s senior policy counsel did submit a statement to the Members’ Briefing.

Congress Tears Into Net Companies Over Censorship

Voice Of America reports that American congressmen took to the floor today, blasting internet companies for being partners in censorship efforts, during a briefing earlier today.

Moblogging Rights

Andrew Kantor has researched the rights photographers have to take shots under certain circumstances.

EFF Promoting Bloggers’ Rights

With Congress likely to exclude bloggers from the same protection afforded journalists, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has begun a fundraising campaign to help with the potentially nasty legal impact on bloggers.

Google Adds Usage Rights Search Filter

Google has added a feature to its advanced search function allowing the searcher to filter by copyright provisions that allow reuse, sharing, or modifying, and whether the source can be used commercially.

Profit From Private Label Rights
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Most internet marketers are now familiar with Resell Rights and Master Resell Rights, but recently there has been a new trend for “Private Label Rights”.